Session 4 Coffin Rock

Morning comes, and Guadalupe and Tomoe meet up with Shelly Pearl and ride back out to the Cooked Earth Mine. This time the trip is uneventful and they arive at the gash in the earth that is the entrance to the Cooked Earth Mine. From inside the mine they all notice a strange red glow and Shelly Pearl heard strange whispers comming from deeper in the mine while Guadalupe thought those whispers were pleas for help. They cautiously entered the mine until they reach a large wooden elevator platform with a crank to lower the platform down the shaft.

As Tomoe prepares to use the crank to lower the elevator, she notices several wires attached to the corners of the elevator leading up to precariously balanced platforms of wood loaded with rocks. Realizing the trap, Tomoe, Guadalupe Shelly Pearl remove the wires from the elevator and start their decent.

When they finally arrive at the bottom of the shaft, they see a passageway leading out from shaft. From down the shaft they see a bright enough red light that they can see by. They also realize that this is the source of the warm moist air that they have been feeling off and on since they entered the mine. They also more clearly hear the whispered cries, and ghost start coming out of the walls asking the group to help them.

One of the ghosts, who introduces himself as William Wood. He asks them to let the ghosts enter them so that they can go down the passageway and find their bodies. After some discussion, Tomoe and Guadalupe agree to help, but not to helping the ghosts go down the passage. Tomoe in particular was concerned that this wouldn’t be safe.

After extracting what information they could from the ghosts, they head down the passage way until they entered a large cavern. Floating in a field of blue energy is an earth spirit made of red stone. Its arms outstretched and it has several large gaping wounds the poor a magma like blood into a pit below. Two of the mud creatures are pushing a screaming man into the blood pit. On a ledge above everything a man in severe black ministers vestments. He turns towards the group that just entered the chamber, and yells to the monsters below to kill the intruders.

The monsters release their victim and the three turn to the posse. They each throw globules of burning mud at the group. Guadalupe presents her medal and casts Holly symbol to protect herself, but that protection fails for the first attack and she is struck by the attack taking severe burns. Tomoe and Shelly Pearl both withstand the attacks without injury. Pearl Shelly shoots one of the mud men shaking it. Meanwhile Tomoe rushes forward and attacks one with her sword slicing it in half. Guadalupe then calls for Havoc on the remaining two, but they resist the gusts of energy. One of the monsters swings at Tomoe striking a blow leaving a long burned gash and the other throws another globule of burning mud at Shelly Pearl. Shelly shoots the one that attacked her, but her gun doesn’t affect the creature. Tomoe then cuts down another of the creatures with her sword. Guadalupe then offers up a prayer of healing restoring Tomoe. Again the last of the monsters swings at Tomoe, but only achieves a glancing blow. Tomoe then strikes the last of the monsters with her sword killing it.

As the last of the monsters fall, Brother Cheval cursing runs forward leaping off the ledge and into the blood pool disappearing. Guadalupe then offers of prayer of healing for herself. The earth spirit thanks the posse for defeating these monsters, but tells them that he is not completely freed yet. It needs them to defeat Brother Cheval and offers to open a portal for them to follow him. The spirit waves his arm and various scenes from the town start flashing in the pit of blood. Guadalupe, Tomoe, and Shelly Pearl all rush into the portal in the blood pool as the church flashes by.

And they are suddenly in the church facing off with six cultists and Brother Cheval. Tomoe rushes forward to attack the cultists, and slips throwing her sword across the room. Guadalupe casts Havoc sending half of the cultists flying across the room and slamming them against the walls shaking them. Shelly Peal shoots Brother Cheval wounding and shaking him. The three remaining cultists attack Tomoe, one of them cutting her open with his dagger. Tomoe then punches one of the cultists knocking him unconscious and picks up the fallen dagger. Brother Cheval throws a bolt of crackling black energy at Shelly Pearl. Tomoe strikes one of the cultists with the dagger killing him. Guadalupe moves forward to healing Tomoe. Shelly Pearl shoots one of the cultists killing him, and Tomoe rushes over to retrive her sword. Brother Cheval then throws another bolt of crackling black energy at Shelly Pearl wounding her. Shelly Pearl then shoots Brother Cheval between the eyes killing him. This causes the remaining cultists to give up in despair.

After the battle, the posse locks the surviving cultists in the jail, they return to bury the dead and raise the corrupted church burning it to the ground and clearing the way for a new church to be built that is clear of the taint of the old. Afterwards Tomoe gives Shelly Pearl the real deeds that she got from the Mayor suggesting that Shelly Pearl do what she did, but ultimately leaving it up to her on how to deal with the deeds. Shelly Pearl burns the real deeds that belong to the properties of those that she didn’t get the false deeds for saying that those are the real deeds now and there is no need to let the townsfolk know about that. She also agrees to see if the mayor can live up to the job, or if he will return to drink. She also accepts the marshal’s badge from Tomoe, but says that the town needs to decide if she can be the marshal or if someone else should be the new marshal.

After that, the group returns to the Cooked Earth mine, and they immediately notice a difference without the hot moist wind coming from the mouth of the mine or the red glow. This time they have to make use of lanterns as they travel further into the mine and back down the shaft. At the bottom, they find no ghosts, and at the end of the passage, an empty large chamber. With a sense of accomplishment and a lightened atmosphere, they head back out and continue on their way to the Montana Territory.


This was the final session of the Coffin Rock adventure. I made more use of the automation in Roll20 for running the game. I made use of the card functionality for initiative, though to be fair I am not sure that I did that right, but it did work. Also added some enemies and allies to the characters tab and made use of the rolling functions for attacks and damages (at least once I figured out how). Though since I did that part at the last minute, I didn’t add all of them.

The first battle Tomoe had a lot of bad rolls and ended up spending all their bennys on re-rolls to hit, but their sword was massively effective against the creatures. There was also some wildly variable damage rolls with Guadalupe taking multiple wounds in one attack and having to soak, with the NPC Shelly Pearl taking multiple wounds and luckily soaking two. Also Brother Cheval took multiple wounds from Shelly Pearl’s gun shot and couldn’t soak enough to survive.

For the next session when we start the Horror at Headstone Hill, I am going to try and add more of the NPCs up front and see how that works in Roll20.

And hey, this was my first session of the new year, so yay for that.

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