Impression of Aquelarre

So I just finished reading the Aquelarre, A Medieval Demonic Roleplaying Game. This has been the only game that I have read that was from Spain, and while the edition that I read was translated into English (because I don’t know enough Spanish to read at much of any level), there were some things that I noticed that were different from games that were written originally in English. Which ultimately was one of the reasons why I wanted to get and read the game. One of the small details that I liked encountering throughout the book were the use of Spanish phrases and the names of items, creatures, spells, and rituals in Spanish. It gave the book a really nice feel while reading it.

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Old West Kids

So I got a couple of sets of the Old West Kids mostly because in my last Deadlands game I had two players who took the young hindrance, and I wanted to paint some miniatures for the next time I run Deadlands in person and it comes up.

First are the girls, I think they came out the best. And as usual I tried from different skin colors just for variety, but I am not sure about the black skin, I may have to see what other reaper skin paints sets.

And here are the boys, in both cases I think the paint jobs on the faces are problematic. Especially because of the way the teeth stick out in the sculpts. Anyway here they are.

Cowboys & Gunslingers Part 2 And Bathalian D’Khul

So, today I finished sealing the last of the miniatures from the Cowboys & Gunslingers set. I also finished sealing Bathalian D’Khul. I liked the set of Cowboys & Gunslingers and painting Bathalian D’Khul was also fun to paint.

Diamond Sue was a nice miniature to paint with a lot of cool details. Also, because of my new camera, taking these pictures was harder than I expected.

Miss Scarlet, was fairly easy to paint, I don’t know that I would get another of this sculpt.

This is my third Ellen Stone miniature sculpt. Again, I went with the vest instead of her under clothed torso. Also, this mold was missing the gun in her outstretched hand. I tried to mold a gun barrel of green stuff. I should have tried to make it thinner, but overall I am pretty happy with it.

Bathalian D’Khul was my free miniature from my last order. He was fun to paint, and I liked the way the copper paint worked with the inscriptions on the edge of the robe, and the cowl. I tried to make the staff a glittery green, but that didn’t work out as well as I would have liked, but still pretty good.

Cowboys and Gunslingers Part 1

I have been working on the Reaper Mini’s Cowboys and Gunslingers set in honor of the new Deadlands the Weird West release. Some of these I have already done in bones in some cases many times over, and one I have done in metal previously. I like these sculpts and I wish they were all in the bones material as well in which case I would be ordering a bunch of them in that format. Especially the "Doc Holiday", "Buck Fannin", "Buffalo Bill", and "Victoria Jacobs" sculpts. which I really like. Anyway here are the ones that I have finished so far.

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Impressions of Harlem Unbound Second Edition

Some thoughts on Harlem Unbound

So today I finished reading the new edition of Harlem Unbound for Call of Cthulhu by Chris Spivey. I have a number of thoughts about it. First the book itself was a very good. I really enjoined the art and finding out more about Harlem. I now know there are a lot of things that I need to learn about that I was never taught in school.

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The New Harrowed

One of the changes that I like about the new Deadlands the Weird West rules is the changes to the Harrowed. First off they have consolidated and standardized the rules for Harrowed. Previously some of the rules where in the Player’s and Marshall’s guide. Then they added new rules in with the Stone and a Hard Place plot point campaign.

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Kult Style Disadvantages for Savage Worlds

One of the few things that I liked in Kult Divnity Lost was the rules about Disadvantages, and this has made me think about how to use disadvantages in the games that I run. One of the things that I have difficulty with is making a character’s disadvantages mean something in a game. I tend to forget about them while game is in play, and I have a hard time remembering to reward playing them up with bennys. I wrote up a benny rule that I tend to use in regular groups in a previous post, that I need to revise and clarify. Here though I want to suggest this as an option for making disadvantages mean something if you like I have issues making them mean something other than as part of character creation.

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What Games Should I Read That I Haven’t

As a hobby, I read roll-playing game books. I don’t as a rule know anything about the publishers, writers, artists, or other people involved in the production of the books. For the most part I don’t care. I don’t know them, I don’t interact with them in anyway other than to purchase their products. Some companies, I am more familiar with such as Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Evilhat, Posthuman Studios because I buy a lot of their products. I happen to like the games that they produce and the rule-sets that they support, but because of all of this, I for the most part have to assume that I am supporting primarily white game designers.

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Toolbots, WWW Oz Lion, and Rowena Von Graff

I have been slowly painting when I have time. Oddly, I have felt like I have had less time lately to paint than normal. I have been very busy of late, and spending a fair amount of time reading. Anyway here are the miniatures that I finished this morning.

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Impressions of Deadlands the Weird West

So this is the kickstarter that I have been waiting on all year, and I got the preview pdf from the kickstarter on Friday, and have spent the day reading it to see what has changed for the new version of Savage Worlds. The base book which combines what was the Player’s Guide and Marshall’s Handbook is about 200 pages. this means they somehow cut about a hundred pages without it feeling like it which is very impressive.

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