Impressions of Ifri, Land of Gold and Fire

So I just finished reading this book for the 7th Sea Second Edition RPG, and there was a lot to like about it. This book covers the Africa analog in Thea. As a product of the US education system and the fact that I was not a History major in college, I don’t know a lot about the history of Africa other than Egypt which always fascinated me with its pyramids. Continue reading “Impressions of Ifri, Land of Gold and Fire”


Impressions from The New World for Seventh Sea Second Edition

This post is based on my reading of the new Seventh Sea Second Edition setting book The New World. As of the time that I read and finished this book, it was only available as a preview, but it will probably be available in PDF form in the next couple of weeks and hardback sometime in the next month or two. Because I am writing this based on the preview, I didn’t see all of the art, there were some rather extreme mislabeled sections Continue reading “Impressions from The New World for Seventh Sea Second Edition”

Impressions of the Crescent Empire

So I just finished reading this book. It took me longer than I would have have liked due to life interfering. Overall I liked the setting described in the book quite a bit. I have had some interest in the real world region for a while, and so some of the things covered in the book felt a little off, Continue reading “Impressions of the Crescent Empire”

Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol. 2

So this book finally made it to the top of my reading queue, and I just finished it. there are a lot in this book that I really enjoyed. Once I got started reading it, I kept thinking that is a cool idea, I should find some way to use it over and over again. Continue reading “Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol. 2”

Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol 1

So I just finished reading the preview for this book and so I wanted to write down some of my impressions for this book. Overall I liked it, the artwork has been consistently good, and they added rune magic back into the setting which I am really happy about. Continue reading “Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol 1”

Impressions of Pirate Nations Second Edition

So this is the third book that was delivered as part of the 7th Sea kickstarter that I backed last year. It covers various island territories. I still haven’t read the first edition version of this book, so I don’t have a point of reference to compare it to, but this one¬†does continue the pattern of high quality of books for this system. Continue reading “Impressions of Pirate Nations Second Edition”

Impressions of Heroes and Villains for 7th Sea Second Edition

This is the latest book to be finished for the new 7th Sea line. It is a quick read since just about half the page count is taken up by art and character stats (both heroes and villains as the title describes). The main complaint that I have seen and I do agree with is that the artwork for the characters is not of the same quality as the artwork from the core book, or even the non-character artwork. It is not horrible, but it is not something that I am particularly thrilled with either. Now for where this book does shine, the characters and villains, but first the start. Continue reading “Impressions of Heroes and Villains for 7th Sea Second Edition”