Deadlands Ideas From Don’t Rest Your Head

I have been thinking a lot about Deadlands since the announcement of the Double Shot kickstarter. This is probably my favorite Savage Worlds setting of all time, and because I have been reading books for other systems while waiting on this kickstarter to launch, I have been thinking of how to apply some of the ideas from them to this book. The book that these items came from that I just finished was Don’t Rest Your Head1 by Evil Hat Productions.

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Don’t Rest Your Head

The Invisible Sun kickstarter that is going on now has inspired a discussion on Google+ about what other surreal role-playing games are out there, and the first thing that came to my mind was Don’t Rest Your Head by Evil Hat Productions, and while I remembered it being a surreal horror game, the details of the game and setting had slipped my mind. So I decided to go ahead and re-read the game and since it is a tiny book just tipping the scales at less than 80 pages, I knew it wouldn’t take long. Continue reading “Don’t Rest Your Head”