Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit

So I just finished reading the Fate Adversary Toolkit and wanted to get my thoughts down. One of the things that I have always liked about Fate Core is the fact that it was easy to lift the ideas presented in it and incorporate them in other games such as the Savage Worlds that is my normal system of choice. Continue reading “Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit”


Impressions of Dresden Files Accelerated

These are my impressions based on the backer preview from the Fate Core kickstarter that I backed in 2013. It has been my favorite long running kickstarter just because they have set the expectations for the various stretch goals in terms to when they would be delivered as well as keeping us informed as to the progress. In addition I have been a fan of the Dresden Files books. I have also read the first two Dresden Files RPG books (Our Story and Your Story). Continue reading “Impressions of Dresden Files Accelerated”