Impressions of Uprising Revolutionary Messages

This is additional information that was unlocked as part of the Uprising kickstarter. It contains such bonus content as two extra fall arcs, extra stories, new locations, more items from the corporate catalog, an entire section on the black market complete with items that can be purchased there. It concludes with a new city to rebel against Neese, the Beautiful. You can find my review of the base game here.

Impressions From Fate Condensed

So the other day I finished reading the new Fate Condensed version that I got as a backer of the Fate of Cthulhu kickstarter. Weighing in at just about 50 pages, it’s a nice concise evolution of the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated rules. There are some things that I felt lacking in it, but if you have read or played enough of the other Fate system games, they wouldn’t be a problem.

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Impressions of Shadow of the Century

This was the last of the PDFs delivered as part of the Fate Core kickstarter that was funded in January of 2013. It was a long process to see all of the products delivered, but for each and every one of them, I am glad to have backed the project and to have see the growth of the company since this kickstarter. This book is set in the same world as Spirit of the Century and Young Centurions, and is the first of the books to use the rules in Fate Core (as opposed to Fate 3.0 and Fate Accelerated Edition). You can find more about this game, and other games in the setting here.

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Impressions of the Fate Horror Toolkit

I got this book as part of the Fate of Cthulhu kickstarter that I backed a couple of months ago, and I just over the holiday took the time to read the book. In brief I was very happy with it and there are a a number of ideas that I am looking forward to making use of in my games.

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Impression of Fate of Cthulhu

I have been looking forward to this book as soon as I heard hints of it a year or more ago. And while I had nothing to go on other than a title, I wanted to see how Fate Core would handle the Cthulhu mythos and the horror aspects of game play. So while this game wasn’t what I was expecting which was a more traditional Call of Cthulhu style game, it has turned out to be so much more.

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Impressions from Uprising: The Dystopian Universe Roleplaying Game

I just finished reading the preview for this game today. Based on the Dystopian Unvierse games produced by Indie Boards & Cards. The setting is a future 1984 like version of Paris after a nuclear war. Right now the role-playing game is being kickstarted here. Something to be aware of for this game is that by default it pushes for conflicts between the player characters with the potential for one or more of the characters to be government spies working against the other players. Continue reading “Impressions from Uprising: The Dystopian Universe Roleplaying Game”

Impressions of Straw Boss

Straw Boss┬áis a new FATE World of Adventure that deals with those who battle the supernatural in a modern setting by binding a supernatural being to themselves so that they can battle others. It is a bit like a low powered Dresden Files. Since this is a genre that I find fascinating, I picked it up as a PWYW item (Pay What You Want) in PDF format and it is definitely worth looking into. Continue reading “Impressions of Straw Boss”

Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit

So I just finished reading the Fate Adversary Toolkit and wanted to get my thoughts down. One of the things that I have always liked about Fate Core is the fact that it was easy to lift the ideas presented in it and incorporate them in other games such as the Savage Worlds that is my normal system of choice. Continue reading “Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit”

Impressions of Dresden Files Accelerated

These are my impressions based on the backer preview from the Fate Core kickstarter that I backed in 2013. It has been my favorite long running kickstarter just because they have set the expectations for the various stretch goals in terms to when they would be delivered as well as keeping us informed as to the progress. In addition I have been a fan of the Dresden Files books. I have also read the first two Dresden Files RPG books (Our Story and Your Story). Continue reading “Impressions of Dresden Files Accelerated”