A year in review 2020

What I have written about

This year I have written a bunch of reviews and did a lot of posts on miniatures that I have painted. Though in fairness, I believe there have been more posts on miniatures than anything else. I did write up some gaming sessions during the end of the year, though I would have liked to have had more of those to write about. This year there was a significant drop in the number of posts that I put up last year. I do blame a lot of that on the year, but more on that later.

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What Games Should I Read That I Haven’t

As a hobby, I read roll-playing game books. I don’t as a rule know anything about the publishers, writers, artists, or other people involved in the production of the books. For the most part I don’t care. I don’t know them, I don’t interact with them in anyway other than to purchase their products. Some companies, I am more familiar with such as Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Evilhat, Posthuman Studios because I buy a lot of their products. I happen to like the games that they produce and the rule-sets that they support, but because of all of this, I for the most part have to assume that I am supporting primarily white game designers.

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A year in review 2019

This has been a productive year for miniature painting with almost two hundred miniatures painted. I also spent time running two groups through some Deadlands adventures based on a town that I created. I stepped away from one group and started a group at work and introduced them to Savage Worlds. So all in all it has been a pretty active year and that did impact the number of books that I read.

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A year in review 2018

This has been an odd year for me. It started off with being laid off. Then spending the next several months looking for new work. Which I did find, and then most of the rest of the year was learning as much as I could about the new job and working. All of which cut deeply into my writing and painting time. I hope that the new year goes much more smoothly and I can get back into a regular schedule of writing and painting.

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Impressions of Obsidian Portal

Since we are using the Obsidian Portal site for the Savage Potter game that I am playing in, and since it took me far longer than I would have liked to add the first three session journals on the site after I had already added them to my blog, Continue reading “Impressions of Obsidian Portal”

Science Fiction Gaming

I have had an interest in Science Fiction games for almost as long as I have been in to gaming. I like the idea of space ships and visiting alien worlds, but I have never felt like I could run a solid Sci-Fi game. I have at one point or another had many different games ranging from Continue reading “Science Fiction Gaming”

Systems that inspire me

I read a lot of gaming books. I picked up this habit from reading books on computer programming, and more specifically from the fact that I found as I bounced between reading books on Java, Groovy, and C#, I gained a deeper understanding of the other languages as well. So this is as much my hobby as playing them is, and there are certain games that continue to inspire me and change the way I think about gaming. These are the systems that I Continue reading “Systems that inspire me”

Systems that caught my eye

I have spent the last several months away from gaming, but reading a variety of systems ranging from variations on the Apocalypse World rules set (Dungeon World, Monster of the Week and Urban Shadows), the core Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed. books, Call of Cthulhu 7th ed., various Savage Worlds books (Last Sons, The Flood, Stone and a Hard Place, Fantasy Companion, Super Powers Companion), various books from the old Wraith system, Feng Shui 2 and several others that I can’t remember at this time.

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