Impressions from my latest read through of Deadlands Reloaded Marshal’s Guide

So in response to the Double Shot Kickstarter Classic and Good Intentions that is going on now, I decided that my next couple of books that I was going to re-read were the Deadlands Reloaded Player’s Guide and Marshal’s Guide. You can find my thoughts on this read through of the player’s guide here. This post will cover the Marshal’s Guide which I just finished reading as well.

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Deadlands Location Oro City

So based on my thoughts from the post on Threat Motivation and Moves with City Creation and my post on Working with Mad Scientists and starting bases or Deadlands town creations, I started putting together this location for a starting Deadlands location. The main reason for this particular location is that it is semi-central and can be easily plugged into any of the plot point campaigns as a prelude before moving on to the central story after the posse has built up some experience.

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Working with Mad Scientists and starting bases or Deadlands town creations

One of the things that I have been thinking about for Deadlands is to not use the standard practice of having the posse roam from town to town getting into trouble and solving problems, but instead having them start off with base of operations in a town somewhere and having to deal with the issues in that town. This is to help any starting Mad Scientist characters acquire the resources needed to put together a traveling workshop for later in their career as they go out more looking for trouble. Continue reading “Working with Mad Scientists and starting bases or Deadlands town creations”

Achtung Cthulhu Interface 19.40

So I finished reading this the other day, and I wanted to get some thoughts down about this. Going in, I didn’t have much of an idea of what this book was going to cover. Based on the cover and title, I thought it was going to be some rules for cybernetics in World War 2, and what it turned into is oh so much more.

The book is broken down in two parts. The first part starts with a number of chapters of background information in a similar format to the in character background information dumps from Interface Zero 2.0. Continue reading “Achtung Cthulhu Interface 19.40”

Achtung Cthulhu Guide to the Pacific Front

This is the last of the front guides in this series, and it is the one that I am most conflicted about. There are a lot of details to the war in the Pacific that school didn’t cover that this book points out and makes a hell of a lot of sense. I knew in the abstract about the campaign moving from island to island across the Pacific until the war ended, but I did not know about the battles in Burma and through South East Asia. In the abstract, a jungle war sounds like it would Continue reading “Achtung Cthulhu Guide to the Pacific Front”

Achtung Cthulhu Guide to North Africa

So tonight I just finished reading the Guide to North Africa for Actung! Cthulhu. It structurally this book is very similar to the last one that I read (the Guide to the Eastern Front). In fact it has only one extra chapter compared to the last one, but that is an important chapter dealing with survival in the Sahara and North Africa. The highlights for me are the location. There are a lot of things you can do/find/have hidden in the southern Sahara. Tie that in with the fact that you can send small squads (read just the PCs) on patrols and expeditions out there you can get a lot of play just out of this aspect alone. Continue reading “Achtung Cthulhu Guide to North Africa”

Achtung Cthulhu Guide to the Eastern Front

So, the next book that I read from the Achtung! Cthulhu package that I purchased was the Guide to the Eastern Front. I choose this book first of the guides because it covers the area that I knew the least about during World War 2. I did find it interesting that there are several references to Baron Roman von Ungern-Stermberg who I first heard about in Charles Stross’s The Fuller Memorandum, and who was a very bad man. You can find some information on him here. Anyway, lets move onto the book

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