Hillbilly and two Werecrocodiles

I got these three miniatures because they seemed like they would work well for the Deadlands Noir game that I was running. If I had gotten to use them in the game they would have been Ma, Pa, and Gauthier. Unfortunately by the time they were released from the Bones 3 kickstarter, the game was already over. Continue reading “Hillbilly and two Werecrocodiles”


Pulp Era Professor & Rudd Starslider

So the other day, I finished two other miniatures that I have been working on. One I got because I was running Deadland Noir, the Pulp Era Professor which I finished after that campaign ended. Though I do have the opportunity to make use of him in a game that is considered after our current slate. The other, Rudd Starslider, Space Smuggler was the my intended character for the Savage Star Wars game that was started last night. After character creation, the concept for him changed significantly (he was going to be a plain smuggler, but since everyone else wanted to be pilots and smugglers and we didn’t have a Jedi in the group, he ended up being a Jedi that is somewhat undercover1. Continue reading “Pulp Era Professor & Rudd Starslider”

Newly Completed Miniatures

So today I finished two of the three miniatures that have been working on, and started a new one. The two that I finished ar Jake Ryan Hero Explorer and the Skeletal Champion. I am particularly happy with the Skeletal Champion.  Jake Ryan however could be better. Continue reading “Newly Completed Miniatures”

Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

So here is the Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow that I painted over the weekend. I spent a lot of time doing watered down coats of brown for it slowly building up the color. With the wood bones sections of it I pushed darker colors into and focused on lighter colors of brown for the rags that it is wearing. Continue reading “Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow”

Frank Buck

So this is my Frank Buck. since I have been running a Deadlands Noir game I have been looking for Bones figures that would be appropriate for the setting, and while he is close, he doesn’t quite fit in with a New Orleans look he was pretty close. Unfortunately Reaper still hasn’t released the new Noir themed bones miniatures, but this month they did release some that I have had my eye on from the Mythos set from their third Kickstarter that I will probably pick up next month. Continue reading “Frank Buck”

The Black Mist

So this is my work on The Black Mist. I liked the image of a “Shadow” like figure with two automatic pistols so I have wanted to paint him for quite some time. Overall, I am starting to not be sure about the “Bones” material for player character miniatures, but I do like it for non-player characters and monsters. Continue reading “The Black Mist”