Kickstarter 4 Gauth

I have spent just over the last month or so working on Gauth. I have had several issues with this figure over that time. The first issue I had was my own fault because I didn’t make sure all of the pieces fit together properly before I glued him together. The other thing that caused me problems was the amount of heat warping of various pieces.

Painting the dragon went well, using the airbrush I mostly used a rust color and tried to blend in some signal red. This didn’t work as well as I had hoped. I ended up using a copper paint to give it some depth, and then went back over it with the rust.

I then applied some black washes and added a shadowed stone for the stone base that his feet are on.

I then filled some of the horns and bone spurs with dirty bone, and added more layers of black ink, red ink, and shadowed red. I also glued his tail to the base so that he would look quite so drunken and would not rest with his nose on the base. This is what I ultimately ended up.


Kickstarter 4 Townsfolk

Over the last week of vacation I painted most of the townsfolk from the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter. They were fairly quick to paint, the only issue I had with my painting was that the temperature where I live makes taking the sealing of miniatures difficult without the heat warping the bones material. Anyway these were more solid and small pieces so that wasn’t as big of an issue as it will be for others, but at least we are at the hottest part of the year here, so it will just get easier for the rest of the year.

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More Kickstarter Minis

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy so I haven’t had a chance to paint anymore. The last couple of days however I have had a chance to do some painting. I spent some time working on the large dragon that was part of the Bones 4 kickstarter which will be a post all on its own. Today, though I finished three other miniatures.

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Long weekend full of painting

So over this long Memorial Day weekend, I spent a fair amount of time doing painting. I finally started working on the big dragon from the core set, though I haven’t finished it yet. I will be saving images of the dragon for a post all of its own. I will start this post with pictures of the dire monsters.

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Snake Cultists, Classic Horror Monsters, Dire Crab, and Cart

So this weekend I finished painting the Dire Crab, Dracula, a female vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, and a female patchwork creature, the six snake cultists and a cart. I like how they all turned out, but I am not as happy with the sculptures for the female vampire and the female patchwork creature. My issue with them is that because they are so skimpily dressed that I will not have much if any use for them. I do however really like the snake cultist.

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Bones 4 Wraiths and others

So this weekend I finished the Bones 4 Wraiths as well as two of the bandits, the mummy from the horror classics and the beggar. I also added a darker wash to the first ghostly pirate because I liked how the rest of them turned out better with a full black ink wash instead of a watered down black ink wash.

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