Finishing up the Occult Detective, and my first batch of Bones 4 miniatures done.

So today I finished up the Occult Detective in bones. Unfortunately the miniature seems to have disappeared off of Reaper’s site after the revamp. I also worked on my first batch of my Bones 4 miniatures. A bunch of Goblin Skirmishers. At this rate I have finished my first twelve and am left with a bunch to do before I purchase more miniatures.

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Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter Rewards

I didn’t back a lot of stuff from the Bones 4 kickstarter, I mostly just got the Core Set and the Wraiths set. While I would prefer less putting together of miniatures, especially you armored goblins (which were a bit of a pain). I do like a lot of the dynamic poses that having miniatures come in multiple pieces gives you.

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Piles of Miniatures

So this weekend I worked on a large number of miniatures for a game that I will be running on Thursday night at work for most of the agile team that I work with. This will be their first experience with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, though I think that several of them have played other roll playing games before. One of the things that I wanted to do with this game was to give each of the players there own miniature to keep so I needed to make sure that I had enough for everyone.

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Rock Troll and Deep One Priest and Servitor

So yesterday I finished up my Bones Black Rock Troll and the Deep One Priest and Servitor set. I am still playing with my air brush while working on them, and in some ways I am getting better at using it, and in someways I am not spending enough time using it to get better.

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More miniatures now with Air brush

So this is the first batch of miniatures that I have painted with my new air brush. I went with a fairly inexpensive model from amazon that I found here. I am sorry for my wife, because after using it, I have found that I really like how it works. this weekend I painted six miniatures from start to finish which is pretty good for me, and most of the work was done on Saturday.

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Bones Black Owlbear

So I finished painting my bones black owlbear over the weekend, and over all I like the new material. So much so that I wish all of the Bones 4 miniatures were going to be made from the material. The only oddity I had with it is that the first layer of paint didn’t stick like I normally expect it to on my other bones miniatures, but once I got past that, it was all fine. So much so that I placed another miniature order as soon as February hit and will be getting the new Black Rock Troll and a handful of other miniatures that I have been waiting for Reaper to release to tide me over until the Bones 4 kickstarter delivers sometime next month maybe.

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