Ingrid, the female gnome

So this is the final miniature from the Reaper Bones Learn to Paint Kit for Layer Up!. While I liked the lessons in the kit and the paint selections, this miniature was by far my least liked. I don’t know if the details were just hard to see on a smaller than normal miniature or if this was just a bad mold job. Continue reading “Ingrid, the female gnome”

Rippers Resurrected Female Witch Hunter

So today I finished the Rippers Resurrected Female Witch Hunter. This one would have been worked on for a long time ago, but I didn’t have any reds. So while waiting for the paint to be removed from Ingrid, I started working on this one. I think this might be my best face ever, so I am happy with that. Any way here she is. Continue reading “Rippers Resurrected Female Witch Hunter”

Impressions of Reaper Learn to Paint Kit Layer Up

So this is the second of Reaper’s Learn to Paint Kit series. I wrote some thoughts on the first one here, and when I saw this one come out, I decided to get it for the collection of paints, the case to use to transport miniatures, and for the Reaper Bones miniatures included. Continue reading “Impressions of Reaper Learn to Paint Kit Layer Up”

Callie, Female Rogue

So today, I painted Callie, the Female Rogue Reaper Bones miniature. It is the first miniature I have painted in just over two months. It went well I think. I was trying to get a dark green for her shirt, which I am not entirely happy with how it came out, but still I think overall she came out well. Continue reading “Callie, Female Rogue”

Painting Stone

So I finally got around to painting my Stone miniature, the first of the two that I really want to do a nice job on. This was my least favorite mold between the Stone and Cackler miniatures. I don’t like the feather in his hat, but I also don’t feel comfortable doing a change to the sculpt at this time to remove it (the feather). Continue reading “Painting Stone”

Male Masked Crusader

So my latest miniature to paint has been the Masked Crusader. I haven’t spent as much time as I intended to working on painting my miniatures, but then again I am also running low on ones to paint so I guess that is fair. I did like how this one came out and I am now down to trying to decide which of the two I most wanted to paint to do next Stone or Cackler. Anyway here is a picture of my latest work.

Continue reading “Male Masked Crusader”