Thirteen New Miniatures

So my latest batch of miniatures started as a batch that was mostly going to be done in grey scale with some pops of color based on a previous modified zential priming experiment. These were all miniatures suitable for a Noir style game including several copies of Deadlands Noir miniatures that I had painted before.

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Plague Doctors, Goblin Wizard, and Stoneskin Warrior

For these miniatures I tried using a variation on the Zenithal Priming technique. Since I only have white primer, I applied that, waited for it to cure, and then did a airbrush coat of solid black paint and followed that up with some airbrushed white. This base job came out better than I would have expected, and I would have been okay leaving the job there and sealing the miniatures, but I wanted to see how the paints would go over this layer.

So here are the finished products starting with Sakarat, Goblin Wizard. I am not sure how much of the base coating technique impacted the final paint job, but I am very happy with this, especially in the areas of his face, and the face on his staff. I don’t know that the shading altered the colors, but I can see what I think are the effects of this in the transitions between different surfaces on the miniature like the clasp on his pouch. Anyway here are some pictures.

Next up is Maskarr Stoneskin, Warrior. Again I was very surprised by how well this miniature ultimately came out. I especially like how his eyes and the sheath on his back came out. Though after assembling him and well into painting, I noticed what appears to be a strap on his back under the sheath that I ended up treating just as skin. The one thing that I whish I had done differently on this miniature is fill in some of the gaps under his arms.

Next up is the first of the Plague doctors, Brother Lazarus. The plague doctors are the ones that I wanted with the order, the previous two metal miniatures were the ones I got for the size of my order. Again I am really happy with how this one came out with lots of details that show up pretty good like the pouch, the various bottles, and even his belt buckle.

Finally there is the Plague doctor Sister Hazel. Again even with a mostly simple paint job, a lot of the details seem to pop in person. Again things that stand out to me are the pouch, buckle, and flasks.

Ultimately I took more pictures of these because I think that they are some of my best work even if the photos don’t show the details as well as they show up in person. I liked the results so much I got a bunch of bones miniatures appropriate for the 20s and 30s and based them in black and white like I did these, and I intend to pick a couple of features to highlight with a pop of color and fix any large white paint drops and call them done. But those will be posted later when they are done.

Women of Dreadmere and Tess McFadden, Heroine

So today I sealed the Women of Dreadmere and Tess McFadden, Heroine. The Women of Dreadmere set where the first miniatures that I tried zenithal priming on. I don’t think the priming turned out very well with any of these miniatures, but I liked how they all turned out. These were also the first miniatures that I made extensive use of a wet pallet on. I am getting better with the wet pallet, though I still have some to learn on it. Anyway here are the pictures.

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Graveyard walls, Mummy Captain, Gunslinger, Space Smuggler

So, this batch of miniatures included a lot of parts of the Graveyard set. Including four fence posts, 4 long walls, and a graveyard gate. This was a part of my work on building out my set pieces.

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Old West Kids

So I got a couple of sets of the Old West Kids mostly because in my last Deadlands game I had two players who took the young hindrance, and I wanted to paint some miniatures for the next time I run Deadlands in person and it comes up.

First are the girls, I think they came out the best. And as usual I tried from different skin colors just for variety, but I am not sure about the black skin, I may have to see what other reaper skin paints sets.

And here are the boys, in both cases I think the paint jobs on the faces are problematic. Especially because of the way the teeth stick out in the sculpts. Anyway here they are.

Cowboys & Gunslingers Part 2 And Bathalian D’Khul

So, today I finished sealing the last of the miniatures from the Cowboys & Gunslingers set. I also finished sealing Bathalian D’Khul. I liked the set of Cowboys & Gunslingers and painting Bathalian D’Khul was also fun to paint.

Diamond Sue was a nice miniature to paint with a lot of cool details. Also, because of my new camera, taking these pictures was harder than I expected.

Miss Scarlet, was fairly easy to paint, I don’t know that I would get another of this sculpt.

This is my third Ellen Stone miniature sculpt. Again, I went with the vest instead of her under clothed torso. Also, this mold was missing the gun in her outstretched hand. I tried to mold a gun barrel of green stuff. I should have tried to make it thinner, but overall I am pretty happy with it.

Bathalian D’Khul was my free miniature from my last order. He was fun to paint, and I liked the way the copper paint worked with the inscriptions on the edge of the robe, and the cowl. I tried to make the staff a glittery green, but that didn’t work out as well as I would have liked, but still pretty good.

Cowboys and Gunslingers Part 1

I have been working on the Reaper Mini’s Cowboys and Gunslingers set in honor of the new Deadlands the Weird West release. Some of these I have already done in bones in some cases many times over, and one I have done in metal previously. I like these sculpts and I wish they were all in the bones material as well in which case I would be ordering a bunch of them in that format. Especially the "Doc Holiday", "Buck Fannin", "Buffalo Bill", and "Victoria Jacobs" sculpts. which I really like. Anyway here are the ones that I have finished so far.

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Toolbots, WWW Oz Lion, and Rowena Von Graff

I have been slowly painting when I have time. Oddly, I have felt like I have had less time lately to paint than normal. I have been very busy of late, and spending a fair amount of time reading. Anyway here are the miniatures that I finished this morning.

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Space Cowboys and the Anubis Guard, Nfskr

I have been working on these for a while now. This whole Covid-19 thing has really slowed down my painting, less from a lack of time, but more from a lack of focus and mental energy. I finished these up today, which leaves me with five partially completed or just started miniatures to work on before I need to order more.

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