Impressions of Good Society

I remember seeing this on Kickstarter some time ago, but since I am not a particularly big fan of Jane Austin, I let it pass by without backing. Then after watching the Salt Bay Interludes on Saving throw Show, I started to regret that decision and ordered both it and the expansion Expanded Acquaintance. You can find the Salt Bay episodes on Youtube Episode 1, Episode 2, and the Bonus Episode with zombies and magic one-shot that they did.

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Impression of Scion: Hero

This is the second of the books for the Scion line, and the other book that I got as part of the Scion: Demigod kickstarter that I backed last year. It builds upon Scion: Origin and starts the characters on their legendary journeys. To make use of this book, you do need the Scion: Origin book.

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Impression of Scion: Origin

I remember being interested in the first edition of Scion, but ultimately I found it to be not something that was not playable for my style of game. I skipped out on the kickstarter for the second edition because I was focusing on Savage Worlds games. When I saw the new Scion Demigod kickstarter, I figured I could back it and get the first two books as part of it. In part the decision to do this was encouraged by seeing the fist season of New Pantheon on Saving Throw Show which made use of the rules.

The setting is based on the modern world, but all of the myths in the world are real. It is an interesting concept, especially since I like modern urban fantasy. Though I have a couple of concerns that I hopefully will see more fully addressed in the next book.

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Impression of Horror in the Windy City

This was a kickstarter that I backed at the beginning of the year. I am not sure what I was expecting when I backed it. I knew it’s a setting for the 5th Edition D&D ruleset, which while I own a copy of, I don’t actually play, or ever have an intention of playing. From a setting point of view, I knew a bit about what it was going to cover events in Chicago during the World’s Exposition during 1893. What I found was a handful of adventures, a lot of information about the city of Chicago and how it grew from a small frontier town to a powerful city at the crossroads of trade around the United States.

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Impression of Dishonored

So today I finished reading Modiphius’ Dishonored RPG. I was interested in it because of the what I had heard about the computer game, but I had no real information on the setting of the game, just a few vague memories about the advertising campaign. I also knew nothing about the system that the game uses, but I was interested in learning more about the 2d20 system. I don’t know how much this particular implementation has tweaked the 2d20 system (especially when it is referred as a "fast-paced version"). What I found is that this is a very interesting system, I don’t know that it takes the place of my favorite Savage Worlds, but there was a lot that I found that I liked.

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Impressions of Vaesen

So last night I finished reading Vaesen Nordic Horror Roleplaying. It was a very interesting book to read. I got it because I thought it could provide useful setting material for a Rippers Resurrected game. What I found in the book was that, and so much more. First thing that I should note, is that this is a game set in a mythical Scandinavia. This book has a lot of information on Scandinavian mythology.

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Impression of Horror at Headstone Hill

So I just finished reading the Deadlands Horror at Headstone Hill plot point campaign. This campaign was produced as part of the Deadlands the Weird West kickstarter and has some significant differences from previous plot point campaigns. First off unlike all of the previous ones, this one takes place only in a county in Wyoming Territory instead of all over a region. So in this campaign, the players get to know a set of characters and interact with them from the beginning of the campaign to the end. There are also a number of issues that compete for a posse’s attention in this county. So you can travel to just about any spot in a day or two by horse from anywhere else. So you can set up a base of operations and then from there explore the county and work on solve problems and hopefully make things better. And this I feel is an important especially for any Mad Scientists characters.

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Impressions of the Deadlands Weird West Companion

So this was a bonus book from the Deadlands the Weird West Kickstarter that was made from a collection of unlocked short pieces. The information in here is not needed for playing Deadlands, but it does give more background information on the setting for those who are new to the setting as well as some expanded details that were not included in the new rules release that were included in various source books and plot point campaigns from the previous rules edition. I like having this because it does help fill out some of the missing (un-upgraded options and there are some new options that didn’t exist previously as far as I know).

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Impressions of Swords of the Serpentine

So I just finished reading the preview of Swords of the Serpentine from Pelgrane Press. This is a Gumshoe based swords and fantasy game intended to emulate the stores of Conan, Fafhard and the Grey Mouser, and other stories like those. This is only the second game that I have read that makes use of this system (the other was the King in Yellow) and while there are some similarities between the two games, there are also some striking differences.

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Impression of Aquelarre

So I just finished reading the Aquelarre, A Medieval Demonic Roleplaying Game. This has been the only game that I have read that was from Spain, and while the edition that I read was translated into English (because I don’t know enough Spanish to read at much of any level), there were some things that I noticed that were different from games that were written originally in English. Which ultimately was one of the reasons why I wanted to get and read the game. One of the small details that I liked encountering throughout the book were the use of Spanish phrases and the names of items, creatures, spells, and rituals in Spanish. It gave the book a really nice feel while reading it.

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