Savage Potter Session 14 & 15

It is now this strange holiday in the US called Thanksgiving. Apparently everyone goes home and celebrates by eating tons of food. Needless to say those of us who came over from Hogwarts a month ago don’t see the point in this, but it does give us some out of class time so I can finish up my work on Dominic’s potion. All of this is a good thing because now that I have figured out how to make a cure, and gathered the ingredients, I don’t want to let it out of my sight. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 14 & 15”


Impressions of Flash Gordon Kingodoms of Mongo

Now that I have finished reading this book, I wanted to write some of my thoughts on it. I am going to do this a little differently than I normally do these posts for a couple of reasons. Continue reading “Impressions of Flash Gordon Kingodoms of Mongo”

Impressions of the Thrilling Tales Adventures

This review is based on of two books, the first is the Terror in Tinseltown adventure, and the second is the Thrilling Tales Adventure Omnibus. I am grouping these books into one review in part because the Terror in Tinseltown book just contained that adventure and was only about thirty pages long.

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Savage Potter Session 13

After the conversation with Pajo, we convince Chloe to go with us to talk with Dominic now that Pajo knows she is here. When Lilith finally tracks him down there is a lot of tension between them. Dominic is upset that Chloe left where ever she was being protected at.

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Impressions of the Savage World of Flash Gordon

I got this game primarily because of the 80’s movie. That was pretty much all that I knew of the setting. The other reason that I backed was because of the hinted at setting rule Cliffhanger. The more I learn about the setting the more problematic I find it with the racism that is so integral to the source comics and to a lesser extent the media that succeeded them. Continue reading “Impressions of the Savage World of Flash Gordon”