Deadlands Noir Session 21 Notes

We started off the session with a quick recap of what had happened previously, and then we dove right in.

Katarina got a call from one of Senator Long’s men that a meeting had been scheduled outside the Lighthouse in the Lake Shore Development at 7PM. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 21 Notes”

Impressions of the Fear Agents RPG

This game was different from what I was expecting. In some ways I was expecting more of a Starwars style game and what I found was more of a cross between the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Aliens, and Office Space. Not that this is bad, just not exactly what I was expecting. Continue reading “Impressions of the Fear Agents RPG”

Savage Potter Session 1

Character Creation

We started the session with creating characters. There were a lot of questions because we didn’t know what setting specific rules we were going to use. Once we got that figured out at least mostly, the rest of character creation went smoothly. We as players got some bonus skills Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 1”

Ideas for Clues in an Investigation Heavy Savage Worlds Game

One of the things that I have been thinking about lately is how to do investigation heavy games better. This is coming up because I am currently running a Deadlands Noir game, and one of the most frequent and wide-spread issues is pacing and keeping the players from flailing around without knowing where to go next. Continue reading “Ideas for Clues in an Investigation Heavy Savage Worlds Game”

Impressions of The Goon RPG

So the other day I finished reading the new Goon RPG. I started out excited for it, then I started to get concerned as I was reading it, and I ended up at happy that I backed it. One of the things that I was not happy about was the words that were marked out throughout the book. Continue reading “Impressions of The Goon RPG”

Deadlands Noir Session 20 Notes

We start the session with everyone back at Katarina’s place after catching trying to decide what to do about the escalating war between the Black Hand and the Five Families when Greyson gets a call from one of his police contacts tipping him off to a meeting between known Five Families members and Captain Mike Peterson from the third precinct. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 20 Notes”

Things that I need to work on as a Savage Worlds GM Part 3

Before we started this weeks session, I got some feedback from the players that had missed the previous two feed back sessions for various reasons those feedback sessions were in many ways unplanned either because there were too many cancellations to late to call off the session or after a previous player’s unexpected dropping of the game. Continue reading “Things that I need to work on as a Savage Worlds GM Part 3”