Episode 4, Diablero Dramatic Tasks

My wife and I started watching Diablero, and while she is writing up what the show is about, I am writing up how I would setup a game using this setting. You can find more about the show here, and you can watch it on Netflix.

This episode was all about the dramatic task. In fact there were potentially several of them in this episode.

  • The ritual to summon the demon.
  • The work to prepare the space to contain the demon.
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Episode 3, Diablero Investigations

It has been a while since the last time we watched an episode of Diablero, and today we had some free time, and re-started the show. It was nice to get a refresher on what had happened and to see how things progress. I had forgotten so much about it and in part how much I liked watching it. I intend to get back into the swing of watching episodes and writing some notes about them. For previous notes you can find them here

My wife and I started watching Diablero, and while she is writing up what the show is about, I am writing up how I would setup a game using this setting. You can find more about the show here, and you can watch it on Netflix.

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Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set and Collectors Edition

So on Monday, I got my kickstarter award containing the new Essentials Boxed set, the new collector’s edition, and the normal edition of the core book. I am not going to go into details on the books other than to say that both editions of the book look and feel great, and that I wish I had ordered an extra of the collector’s edition.

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Deadlands Work Game Session 2

It has been a quiet week in Oro city for the new comers. Anne was taken in by Miss Abigail Sann the local school teacher and has started attending classes with the rest of the kids in the area, though she is among the oldest in the school. Vicent Voltaire meanwhile has been settling in to a routine of working at the Guggenheim mining company and living at Miss McCourt’s boarding house. While Mr. Hubert Finley has been taking care of his farm, and making the occasional trip back into town.

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Alternate Benny Rule For Savage Worlds

This is a newly updated version of the rule I use for bennies. I am bad about giving them out for role-play, I tend to be too focused on other the rest of the game to remember them. This is a slight tweak from the original rule that I came up with and a clean up of some of the text of the original rule. The change is that instead of no bennies, the GM will now start with half the normal amount just to give them a little bit of protection against bad luck at the start of a game.

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Deadlands Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Session 10

This is a short campaign that I am running trying out the new Adventure Edition rules set in the Deadlands world. You can find my player facing notes here which I will keep updated. This campaign is only expected to last about ten sessions. I am looking forward to the release of the updated Deadlands rules for the new system, but until then, I will muddle through with my own conversion. Though some of these conversions would not be used in a longer term campaign.

We started off the session with the posse noticing John Hoover leaving his saloon through a side exit as they exited the Marshal’s office. Lefty also noticed that he was moving without his normal limp. Between this fact, and the suspicion that Marshal Cornell threw upon him, the posse decides that Lefty and Greyeyes will follow him while Mongo and Reverend Graves will get the horses.

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Challenges and thoughts on how I can mitigate them

One of the games that I have been running lately has been at work after we are done fo the day. I was running a simple Savage Worlds short adventure to see how everyone liked the system and to gauge interest in a more regular game. That went for 3 sessions that were not scheduled for a regular time. Now the group decided on a Deadlands campaign. We have only done a character creation session and a full session so far. Right now not everyone who played in the test game has shown up for the campaign, and I am pretty sure that not everyone will. I am also getting requests to join the game from other potential players.

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