Savage Potter Session 6-8

Session six was just a continuation of the fight that began in Session 5, so I didn’t write anything up specifically about it. I missed session 7 due to a conflict and this session started at the conclusion of the fight that had been going on for the last couple of sessions.

The battle with the dark wizards was tense, and I am glad that I had prepared a stock of potions in advance for just such a contingency. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 6-8”


Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes

Since we had a full crew this week, we resumed our regular story line with the gang heading out to rescue Esther from the Boudreaux family. They schedule their arrival right at sun rise and what they find is a small rural town in the bayous. They find on the state highway, a general store a church and a handful of houses. They also see three dirt roads that lead deeper into the surrounding swamps. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes”

Crime and Caper Planning Rules

The following are a some rules inspired by Blades in the Dark1. These rules would be useful in any game that has the players performing lots of heist, though it could be adapted to any situation where the players are likely to get stuck in planning paralysis. As always, before making use of these rules make sure that the group wants to jump-start the planned event and avoid the pre-planning before making use of them.

Pre Job Rule

To begin with instead of having the players make plans and gather equipment that they may or may not need, start by having each of the players making either a notice or investigate roll. Each player then gets one special benny plus one per success or raise they get on the roll. These bennys are used to purchase flash backs during the heist.

Start of Job Rule

Have the players tell you how they are going to start the job. For example are they going to sneak in a window, pretend to be delivery agent, etc. Based on this decision determine the opening skill roll to set the scene. If they succeed they are in a strong position to start the job. If they fail they are facing some sort of opposition.

An example of this would be sneaking into a window to gain access to the house you are going to rob. On a success, you have climbed in the window and are ready to start moving to the score you wanted. On a failure, you have tripped an alarm and any guards in the house are on alert and looking for intruders.

Flashback Rule

When ever the players get into some sort of trouble, they can spend one of their flashback bennies to set a flashback scene. This scene doesn’t change anything that has already been declared can’t be changed by the flashback, but it can be re-framed.

An example of this would be due to a series of bad stealth rolls, the crew is discovered by the guards. One of the players could play one of the flashback bennies setting a scene where the crew was negotiating with these guards bribing them to look the other way during the score. As long as the interaction is successful during the flashback, then that re-frames the current scene from a combat to something where the guards just tell them to be quiet and continue on with their patrol.

There are some things that I am not sure about with these rules. I always want the group to have at least a few flashback opportunities, and that was why I set the number to 1 plus the number of successes and raises. The problem might be that this generates too many, so this might need to be tweaked to reduce the number given based on how it plays and even how pulpy you want the jobs to be.

Anyway, I hope these rules provides some value to others and as I make more use of them, I will post updates or extra commentary on them.

  1. I have a review of the game posted here if you want more information on it. 

Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes

Since we are getting close to wrapping up the main plot of the campaign and we were missing a couple of players for this session, I decided to run a session that foreshadowed some of the things that are coming up for the final sessions. The other thing that inspired this session is the fact that I have been reading Blades in the Dark. So without further ado, here is the story of the Tony, Cole, and Jesse as they rob a rich church a year before the main story’s time line.

Jesse, Tony and Cole are waiting outside of an upscale church that they have been casing for the last stragglers to leave after the last Sunday service of the evening. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes”

Some Fate Adversary Toolkit Concepts in Savage Worlds

Since I finished reading the Fate Adversary Toolkit, I have been thinking about how to apply some of the concepts to Savage Worlds and in particular to the Deadlands Noir game I am running. There are a couple of parts to making use of this book in Savage Worlds.

The easiest import isn’t really an import, but just a different way of describing Locations (Zones), Dramatic Tasks and Chases. Continue reading “Some Fate Adversary Toolkit Concepts in Savage Worlds”

Savage Potter Session 5

I missed at least one session, I believe the second session was canceled that I was expecting to miss. So there was some catch up as to what had happened since I was last available to play. Anyway here is what happened according to my character.

School has been busy and while I have spent extra time since I started hanging out with Moria, Trent, Lilith, Gustoff and Brunhilde preparing for the trouble that they invariably get me caught up in. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 5”

Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes

This was our first session after a break of four weeks. There were various real world events that kept us from our regularly scheduled game two weeks ago, and have kept me from the game table for all but these two sessions in August. Hopefully things will be more stable for the rest of the year.

We begin the session with a decision do we visit Carmine Salvatore’s grave first or do we go back to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord? Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes”