Savage Star Wars Session 1

We started a new game this last week of Savage Star Wars the Old Republic. This is currently planned to be one adventure of an undetermined number of sessions, but of fairly short duration. We started off by making characters together. The group consists of Yona the human ship mechanic, Karin the cat-folk pilot with a grudge against the Sith Empire, Dejia the republic soldier with her droid J2-L1 and my character Ben Bova a newly minted Jedi Knight on his first mission. Continue reading “Savage Star Wars Session 1”


Impressions from my latest read through of Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

So after finishing the Science Fiction Companion and The Last Parsec, I decided to go ahead and re-read the Super Powers Companion. Again I was struck by the basic concept that this book is not just for super hero games but any high power setting.

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Bring Back the Guts Skill

This was inspired by a post on Facebook here about removing the Persuasion skill and just using the Spirit attribute. While personally I would not do this, I also don’t see anything in particular wrong with it, but it does have greater implications than it might seem on the surface. Continue reading “Bring Back the Guts Skill”

Savage Potter Session 11

November has been a bad month for me and gaming. I have had a lot of conflicts that crept in so, I am not entirely sure that this is the right session number. Hopefully the outside interference will calm down, and I can get back to regular playing with the transition to December. This also means that I am a little fuzzy on what went on during the sessions that I missed.

I have spent the last week or so working on gathering various new potions recipes and isolating any differences between the recipe that I might have and those that this school seems to prefer.

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Impressions from The Last Parsec Core

I got this book as part of the Un-Stretch Goals for the Fear Agents and The Goon kickstarters, and it has been on my list to read just as soon as I finished the Science Fiction Companion which I did the other day. It was a bit odd to see a Savage Worlds book that required a book other than the core rules, but this one does require the Science Fiction Companion. In some ways the book reads like an implementation example of the options in the Science Fiction Companion rather than a fully fleshed out setting, but the line has three other setting books so maybe if I end up getting those and reading them as well, it will feel more complete. Anyway here are my thoughts on the core book. Continue reading “Impressions from The Last Parsec Core”

Things Learned During Deadlands Noir Campaign

So last week I finished the Deadlands Noir campaign that I was running. Some of these items are generic Savage Worlds ideas and some of them are more specific to the setting or genres covered by Deadlands Noir. Continue reading “Things Learned During Deadlands Noir Campaign”

Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

So I have been working my way through this book lately and wanted to get some of my thoughts down on it. Overall, I thought it was a really good set of basic rules for a Science Fiction game, with one notable exception that I will come back to later. Continue reading “Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion”