Kult Style Disadvantages for Savage Worlds

One of the few things that I liked in Kult Divnity Lost was the rules about Disadvantages, and this has made me think about how to use disadvantages in the games that I run. One of the things that I have difficulty with is making a character’s disadvantages mean something in a game. I tend to forget about them while game is in play, and I have a hard time remembering to reward playing them up with bennys. I wrote up a benny rule that I tend to use in regular groups in a previous post, that I need to revise and clarify. Here though I want to suggest this as an option for making disadvantages mean something if you like I have issues making them mean something other than as part of character creation.

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Impressions of Deadlands the Weird West

So this is the kickstarter that I have been waiting on all year, and I got the preview pdf from the kickstarter on Friday, and have spent the day reading it to see what has changed for the new version of Savage Worlds. The base book which combines what was the Player’s Guide and Marshall’s Handbook is about 200 pages. this means they somehow cut about a hundred pages without it feeling like it which is very impressive.

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Impressions of 50 Fathoms Fire and Earth

This is the new mini plot point campaign for the 50 Fathoms setting updated to the new Savage Words Adventure Edition rules set. The stories deal with the fallout from the "Long Swim" and at least some of the Doreen’s revenge against the Kehana.

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Impressions of the Expedition Supplement and Expedition Amazon

So I just finished reading Expedition Amazon for the Rippers Resurrected line. Inside you will find more information on the Amazon in the Rippers universe as well as at least the start of a plot point campaign that takes place there. To make use of it you will need the free Rippers Resurrected Expeditions download available here.

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Impressions of Return to Manitou Bluff

This is another adventure for Deadlands that I just finished reading. It takes place after the events of the Plot Point Campaign The Flood and is for Heroic or Legendary characters. This is another book that I got to look at existing town maps to use in my own game and while it does have some, they are more accurate for use in and around The Great Maze. That aside, I liked what they did with this book a lot.

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Impressions of Coffin Rock

Coffin Rock is an old first adventure for Deadlands Reloaded when it had just moved to the Savage Worlds system. Despite being for an outdated version of the rule-set, I think this is one of the best introductory adventures I have seen. Which makes me happy that my wife encouraged me to get an adventure with a town in it to make use of the map in my game. The basis for the adventure is that trouble abounds in Coffin Rock when the posse shows up, and it is up to them to figure out all the things that are happening and fix them to save the town.

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Impressions From Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide

So I just finished reading this book and wanted to put some of my thoughts down. This book is the latest version of the setting and makes use of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules. Overall there is a lot to like about the book and setting, though there are a couple of things that I wish were a bit clearer or more condensed. I am also looking for the rest of the books that were funded as part of the kickstarter that brought this edition into existence.

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Impressions of Deadlands Lost Colony

So I just finished reading this pdf and I am eagerly awaiting the physical kickstarter reward that will be coming later this year. This setting is the covers the end of Deadlands time line with the events that occur after Deadlands Hell On Earth. In some ways this setting makes me think of Firefly without as much of the technologically advanced Alliance. This is what you would get if all the action took place on all the backwater worlds.

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Impressions of Savage Rifts Empires of Humanity

So today I finished reading the final book in the Rifts for Savage Worlds: American Armageddon. At this point I can say I am happy with all of the books, but I do wish they had combined them instead of making them three separate books. With them each covering the same area (North America) there is a lot of overlap and refer to te other book that makes getting individual books less useful than it would have been to get one book that covered each of the areas. though to be fair this entire book felt more like a GM book with most of the information contained in it left for the factions that are not as likely to be played by most groups.

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Impressions of Savage Rifts Blood and Banes

So I just finished reading my latest book, Savage Rifts Blood and Banes. This book was part of the last Rifts kickstarter that upgraded the rules to the new Adventure Edition for Savage Worlds. When I collected the Rifts books in the 90’s, one of the books that I did get was the World book on the Vampire Kingdoms, so this book was not completely new to me as that was one of the three regions covered.

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