Urban Shadows City Threats for Deadlands Noir

Today I just finished reading Dark Streets for Urban Shadows. This is a setting book and a collection of extra playbooks and essays for the Urban Shadows (an Apocalypse World game). It is not something that I intend to write a review for unless I go back and re-read the Urban Shadows core book and review it first, Continue reading “Urban Shadows City Threats for Deadlands Noir”

Ideas for Expansion Rules for Dramatic Tasks

This is an idea that I had while working on my latest session notes for my Deadlands Noir game here, and is in part based on the some of the ideas that came up in the new 7th Sea Second Edition rules. I don’t know why exactly the two ideas came together now, maybe it is because I just finished the Pirate Nations book, that I will be reading Nations of Theah Vol. 1 soon, or even that I have been reading some things on Rob Donoghue’s blog about the Risk mechanic. As it stands there is a lot of philosophical ideas in the new 7th Sea Second edition (and other games) that I use about not rolling dice unless failure would add to the overall story. Continue reading “Ideas for Expansion Rules for Dramatic Tasks”

Beginning Thoughts on Frameworks in Savage Worlds

This is something that I have been thinking about mostly since I read the preview of the Dresden Files Accelerated game, but that wasn’t the first place that I came across the concept. The first place I saw something like this concept was in the previews of Olympus, Inc1. The next place I saw it was with Savage Rifts in the Iconic Frameworks. Continue reading “Beginning Thoughts on Frameworks in Savage Worlds”

Ideas on how to make Reloaded feel more like Classic

In a previous post here, I asked what is it about Deadlands Classic that people like better than Deadlands Reloaded. The only response I got to this question, which really matches what I seem to see in other places is the lack of flavor in Reloaded. So I thought I would put together some ideas of how to add some of that flavor back in. I am going to group these ideas into various sections based on how mechanically intrusive the change is.

Continue reading “Ideas on how to make Reloaded feel more like Classic”

Stories for Savage Worlds

A couple of days ago I wrote briefly about the 7th Sea Second Edition’s story mechanic for character advancement. I know I didn’t cover it in much depth then, but now I want to spend some time examining more closely how it could be used in Savage Worlds and this time provide an example of how it might work, including some alternate ideas as to how this could be used. First off though the basic idea behind the mechanic in the 7th Sea is that each characterduring creation defines a story with a concept and a goal, and the goal includes the reward for completing the story. Continue reading “Stories for Savage Worlds”

7th Sea Second Edition Stories as character advancement for Savage Worlds

I have been reading the new 7th Sea Second edition kickstarter preview over the last week or so, and while I haven’t finished it yet, I have gotten through just over the first half of it. I will do more of a review once I finish reading it, but I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about the character advancement mechanic for the game.

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