Organization of Campaign Notes

I started following a community on google+ that talks about tricks and tips of using Microsoft OneNote for organizing your notes for a campaign and it got me to think about what I am doing to organize my notes for the Deadlands Noir game that I am currently running. You can find the community here. Continue reading “Organization of Campaign Notes”

Incorporating the Countdown clock into Savage Worlds

With all of the different game systems that I read, I have seen many different ways to set up a story to run. One of the ones that I have liked the most is the Countdown clock used in the Powered by Apocalypse games and that was first introduced in Apocalypse World. I have been thinking about how to include this mechanic in Savage Worlds.

First some brief notes about Countdown clocks.

They were first described in the Apocalypse World rules as a reminder that the threats in the game world have goals and plans to reach them. These plans are dictated by the desires and intentions of those to whom they belong. Continue reading “Incorporating the Countdown clock into Savage Worlds”