Savage Star Wars Session 1

We started a new game this last week of Savage Star Wars the Old Republic. This is currently planned to be one adventure of an undetermined number of sessions, but of fairly short duration. We started off by making characters together. The group consists of Yona the human ship mechanic, Karin the cat-folk pilot with a grudge against the Sith Empire, Dejia the republic soldier with her droid J2-L1 and my character Ben Bova a newly minted Jedi Knight on his first mission. Continue reading “Savage Star Wars Session 1”


Savage Potter Session 11

November has been a bad month for me and gaming. I have had a lot of conflicts that crept in so, I am not entirely sure that this is the right session number. Hopefully the outside interference will calm down, and I can get back to regular playing with the transition to December. This also means that I am a little fuzzy on what went on during the sessions that I missed.

I have spent the last week or so working on gathering various new potions recipes and isolating any differences between the recipe that I might have and those that this school seems to prefer.

Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 11”

Deadlands Noir Session 28 Notes

So we after a four-week break, we pick up where the game left off with the cooling corpse of Deacon Graves before the group and Reverend Stilson having moved back into his office area and out of sight.

Greyson rushes through the door but doesn’t see the Reverend. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 28 Notes”

Savage Potter Session 9

When we resume the game, we find out it is a Friday evening. After spending dinner making numerous observations about how the school is run, who has transferred from Hogwarts and who is missing, Lilith includes Lucy and I with the rest of the group that is going on the ferry to the town for ice cream before curfew. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 9”

Savage Potter Session 6-8

Session six was just a continuation of the fight that began in Session 5, so I didn’t write anything up specifically about it. I missed session 7 due to a conflict and this session started at the conclusion of the fight that had been going on for the last couple of sessions.

The battle with the dark wizards was tense, and I am glad that I had prepared a stock of potions in advance for just such a contingency. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 6-8”

Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes

Since we had a full crew this week, we resumed our regular story line with the gang heading out to rescue Esther from the Boudreaux family. They schedule their arrival right at sun rise and what they find is a small rural town in the bayous. They find on the state highway, a general store a church and a handful of houses. They also see three dirt roads that lead deeper into the surrounding swamps. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes

Since we are getting close to wrapping up the main plot of the campaign and we were missing a couple of players for this session, I decided to run a session that foreshadowed some of the things that are coming up for the final sessions. The other thing that inspired this session is the fact that I have been reading Blades in the Dark. So without further ado, here is the story of the Tony, Cole, and Jesse as they rob a rich church a year before the main story’s time line.

Jesse, Tony and Cole are waiting outside of an upscale church that they have been casing for the last stragglers to leave after the last Sunday service of the evening. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes”