Deadlands Noir Session 16 Notes

Notes: This session felt a little off to me. We missed playing last week due to too many players not being available for various reasons. So today we spent a fair amount of time at the start getting back up to speed with what had been going on. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 16 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 15 Notes

We begin the session with the group leaving what was Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant. Once they are outside, they notice a wasp’s nest in a tree just outside the building. Thinking nothing of it, Ada, Greyson, and Stefanie who had arrived just after Adelaide had returned from the dead, Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 15 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 13 Notes

Session Notes: We had a couple of players unable to attend this week. So we just ignored the fact that they were in the battle from last session, this was moderately easy to do since they were both in isolated areas of the battle (one outside in the car that they wrecked and the other at the far end of the warehouse fighting an isolated group of zombies which I also ignored). Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 13 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 12 Notes

We start of the session with the group deciding to go back to George and using him to try to set up a meeting with Simon. They find George hustling people at pool in the bar. Stefanie and Katarina approach him after he finishes his current game and Stefanie plays him in a game, while Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 12 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 11 Notes

We started off with the conclusion of the battle between the investigators and “Ma”. Greyson shot “Ma” wounding her. She continues to move away seeking cover behind a tree, unfortunately that didn’t do her much good because after Katarina shot and missed, Ada finished her off with her bolter pistol. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 11 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 10 Notes

We started this session with the finishing of the fight in the camp with one of their hirelings rushing up and cracking the last of the people upside the head with a pair of brass knuckles sending him sprawling into unconsciousness. Then they drug him over to the wounded patriarch and began questioning him. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 10 Notes”