Deadlands Work Game Session 3

Another session of my Deadlands Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game with my co-workers.


We started this session with some catch up on what different members of the posse have been doing over the last week or two that they have been in town.

Hattie Haloop has been working on getting Ms. Mathilde Belamy to let her perform on stage by making herself useful around the theater cleaning up backstage, making sure any props were setup and in general being useful back stage. And as to be expected she was also snooping around the theater since the local children have been telling her stories about the town being built on an old burial ground. She also has ben having nightmares about a pumpkin headed scarecrow that calls himself Jack o’ Nines since she visited an old burned out homestead just outside of town with some of the other kids.

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Deadlands Work Game Session 2

It has been a quiet week in Oro city for the new comers. Anne was taken in by Miss Abigail Sann the local school teacher and has started attending classes with the rest of the kids in the area, though she is among the oldest in the school. Vicent Voltaire meanwhile has been settling in to a routine of working at the Guggenheim mining company and living at Miss McCourt’s boarding house. While Mr. Hubert Finley has been taking care of his farm, and making the occasional trip back into town.

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Newly Completed Miniatures

So today I finished two of the three miniatures that have been working on, and started a new one. The two that I finished ar Jake Ryan Hero Explorer and the Skeletal Champion. I am particularly happy with the Skeletal Champion.  Jake Ryan however could be better. Continue reading “Newly Completed Miniatures”