Deadlands Noir A Case of the Nkondi

Alex Rossetti hired a Bokkor to kill the group after they screwed up his operation with the Midas Circle. The Bokkor is using a Nkondi to carry out the hit. Also the Bokkor is attempting to use Rossetti to start a war between the Five Families and the Black Hand, and thus will betray Rossetti early on.

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Small Wood Golem Wild Card

Letiches – Ma and Pa


Walking Dead




  1. Simon La Roche’s name found at Alex Rossetti’s house in Jefferson Parrish.
  2. Circumstantial – Documentary – The Bokkor has been implicated in a large number of mysterious deaths, but no direct connection has ever been found.
  3. Circumstantial – Physical – The Bokkor’s is pictured with a wooden image of the Nkondi that attacked them.
  4. Direct – Physical – If they do a favor for Rossetti, he will give them La Roche’s name

What is learned

  1. Simon La Roche of the Red Sect gave Harold Priestly to Rossetti to dispose of.
  2. The Red Sect was using Priestly and Katarina’s father to raise tensions and try to instigate a gang war between the different factions.

What might be guessed

  1. Someone in the Red Sect is the source for The Black.


  1. Simon La Roche learns of the groups involvement.
  2. The Five Families crime family put out a hit on the group if Rossetti doesn’t survive.
  3. There is now a newspaper story that is being held that links Katarina and friends to Rossetti that will be released if Rossetti dies.


  1. Sick man is chained in the attic of Rossetti’s New Orleans house with a black tongue. A vial of “the black” is just out of reach on a stool.
  2. Three vials of “the black” in Simon La Roche’s place.
  3. The effects of increasing fear on an area with the extra “window” and the doorway to a place that shouldn’t be there.


Rossetti’s house in Jefferson Parrish.

Dramatic Tasks

  1. Disarm the bomb before it blows up in 5 rounds. Each roll is at -2 (repair or weird science)
  2. Search the house for evidence before the house is destroyed. Each roll is at -2 (Investigation)

While fighting off 8 walking dead in a house full of gas.

If they succeed on the first dramatic task, the bomb does not destroy the house. giving an extra round to the Search house task before the Nkondi throws a lit lighter through the window to catch the gas on fire and detonate the bomb.

If they succeed on the second dramatic task, they get the name of Simon la Roche.

Rossetti’s house in New Orleans

A nice house that was destroyed in a gas explosion by the players.

Simon La Roche’s place

He works out of a cramped shop that is cluttered with items making it hard to navigate. Those items in the front are more touristy, with the real materials becoming more prevalent the further back you move in the shop.

Beside the door to his shop is a second door hidden in a small niche that leads to a his residence. The rooms that he lives in though should not exist because the door should open up into his shop, but doesn’t.