Deadlands Noir Case of the Black

Deadlands Noir Case of the Black

The party has seen evidence of a drug called “The Black” that has been making the rounds in New Orleans that turns its user’s tongues black, and to pay back several parties they must investigate the source of the drug and deal with it.



Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d10, Shooting d6
Pace:__6 __Parry: 6, Toughness: 9
Gear: Claws Str+d4
Fear -2
Undead +2 to recover from being shaken. No wound penalties
Fearless Immune to fear and intimidation
Size +1
Glom A ‘glom takes a full round to add a corpse to its mass. For every corpse after the second, the ‘glom gains one dice each in Strength and Vigor. It also gains +1 Size. A ‘glom suffers no multi-action penalties until it takes more actions in a turn than it has corpses in its mass. It can absorb up to 10 corpses.
Weaknes Head Shots to the primary head do +6 damage, but require a notice roll at -1 for each corpse to identify the primary head.



  • Jacques
  • Traits: Nervous and agitated young man getting desperate for his next fix as he starts going through withdrawal
  • Steve Howell
  • Traits: Business like while not high on “The Black”, otherwise spaced out looking at things that are not there.
  • Dylan “Sharky” Malone
  • Traits: A vacant look, mumbles to himself while scrounging for food or money for more of his drug.
  • Sam “Silver Dollar” Carolla
  • Traits: A smooth operator, charismatic, charming and confident when it suits him, but always with an undertone of arrogance and cruelty.
  • Deacon Fred Graves
  • Traits: When talking he passes his bible from one hand to the other.
  • Reverend Christopher P. Stilson
  • Traits: A calm confident aura, and a bedrock solid belief in his teachings. He has a deep resonant voice.


  1. Half a piece of paper with the name of the slaughterhouse on it “Campbell’s Mea
  2. Tail Steve Howell back to his supplier.
  3. Gather information on Jacob Dover
  4. Property records for the slaughterhouse Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant

What is learned

What might be guessed



  1. The odd Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord.
  2. Beehives getting spotted at various locations that the character’s visit.
  3. Books in the Church’s bible a notice roll will be made failure will get them a couple of the names of the books, a success will get them more and each raise will get them even more. The Results are as follows:
  4. Failure -> Genesis, 2 Kings, Amos, 3 John, Revelations
  5. Success -> Numbers, Lamentations, Obadiah, Habakkuk, Phillippians
  6. First Raise -> 2 Kings, Nehemiah, Psalms, Mark, Titus
  7. Second Raise -> Malachi, Matthew, Luke, John, 2 Maccabees


  1. Abandoned Slaughterhouse Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant

Sermon source

Notes This sermon has been tweaked from the source sermon there are some words removed, and other words and phrases added by me. What I ended up giving to the players was changed even further.

There is a trail of scarlet that wends its way through the pages of God’s Word, and history.

There is, for example, the scarlet cord that Rahab was asked to hang from her window, so she could be saved by Joshua at his return.(Joshua 2:17-18)

A scarlet thread was to be interwoven throughout the garments of Israel’s priests.(Exodus 39:1)

Red is the color of wine, as in the new wine promised by Jesus. (Matthew 9:17)

And above all there is the stream of blood that flows from our greater Joshua, our great High Priest, the One called Jesus.

Prostitution, the royal priesthood, the blood. Scarlet threads somehow woven into the fabric of the plans of God.

And the father of lies, the source of all of which this book speaks, has, we assume, his own set of scarlet threads, strikingly similar to that of the Lord God. From the dawn of history to this present age can be traced the story of a bloodthirsty, regal prostitute, in whose hand is a cup of abominable wine with which she drugs the nations. She is symbolized in Scripture by that same hue.

Blood, whoredom, wine, kings and priests are at the heart of the story I tell, the story of Babylon. Babylon in its ancient days, and the Babylon of today. Even glimpses of the Babylon still to come. For as you read these words, it seems that the spirits of demons hover over this planet, calling it to bring forth the new world for which they work so diligently. This action itself, as would be typical of them, counterfeits the beginning of all things, when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. But I digress…

In addition to the pagan religions of antiquity, Rome and the institution centered there features largely in this narrative. No intention is made to offend, or to single out one religious organization as being all that the Enemy is doing on planet earth. Absolutely not! Protestantism must be dealt with also. But history is history, and true believers are being called out of all that is not created by the Father. There is nothing but danger ahead in institutions of men that claim to be institutions of God.

That reason is that, in the early summer of 1992, I was reading again the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation, and came under a deep impression that it was time to study the “Babylon” mentioned by John. For the following weeks, I could do little else. I prayed, received counsel, devoured dozens of books, searched the Scriptures, and began to write.

In my studies I found several threads intertwining through the events of mankind, traceable in every generation:

  • Babylonian-style religion intermingled with the current political structure.

  • Syncretism, the close mixture of true and false.

  • Desire for world dominion.

  • Anti-Jewish and anti-Christian prejudice.

  • A constant calling out of God’s people.

Threads running through Scripture and through my own history brought everything into even sharper focus. And all those threads seemed to me to be tied in one knot from whence they emanate:

MYSTERY BABYLON, the mother of ALL abominations…

Revelation 17:5

As you study, you will become keenly aware that I have not always quoted Christian sources. In some cases I have used the quotes of men who deny the Lord I love. Others are devout churchmen of various denominations, with many of whom you and I both would differ on a host of issues. Others are solid fundamentalists, who might disagree with each other. Still others are Roman Catholic.

But all, the atheist to the fundamentalist, have agreed that there is a spiritual-political force in the world today that is destructive and needs to be exposed, And a host of believers affirm that God’s people must come out of her.

Please note that I say “exposed” and not “brought down.” Students of Scripture especially will readily recognize that “Babylon,” though scheduled for ultimate failure, will be a strong power until that time. The thrust of this is not to attack, but to call out from that structure those few who will hear and be saved, and to confirm to those who already have come out, that their departure was wise.

In speaking of non-Christian witnesses, it is sad to note that, had they known the real Christ of the real Church, they might not have stayed non-Christian. It is in that spirit that I bring them to the stand to testify and be saved. We must reach out to them, and encourage them to rejoin the fold for only in doing so will they be saved.

Be all of the above as it may, it is time for us to begin our walk together. Walk with me on a journey that will begin when the planet was young, and will end in days perhaps not unlike our own. It is a walk which will cause us both to shudder, for the pathway will be strewn with corpses and blood. Our eyes and ears will be filled with violence, and the lust for unbridled power of man at his worst.

As we walk, it will become clear that we are uncovering a portion of the “mystery of iniquity” spoken of by Paul the apostle, and the plot of him who has waged war against our God and God’s people from the beginning. We will see him.

But we will also see her, the one named “Babylon, mother of harlots…” as mentioned in Revelation 17:5-6. And when we see her, we will marvel, as did John, with great amazement, save as many souls from her as we can for God’s greater glory, Amen!