Deadlands Noir Case of the Missing Lieutenant

Monster – Hawkes House

  • Questions: How are they going to deal with the house possessed by Hawkes?

Villains – Midas Circle

  1. Does Katarina Salvatore know him? She knows of him.
  • Roscoe Molloy
  • Traits: Calls people “Pal” and “Friend” when threatening them.
  • Casper Brinck
  • Traits: Rarely makes eye contact, often stammers.
  • Theodore Sedgwick
  • Traits: Expects everyone to do what you say without question.


  • Reggie Clover
  • Description: A prematurely aged black man. Half his face droops from Bell’s Palsy.
  • Traits: Changes the emotional intensity of what he is saying randomly.
  • Notes: Works odd jobs, knows about the house where the Midas Circle does its experiments. Knows some of the history and details of the machine being used.
  • Harold Priestly
  • Traits: Speaks in a breathless, pained whisper.
  • Norman Brunswick
  • Description: A short, portly, blustery man.
  • Traits: Looses his temper easily, but it doesn’t last a long time.
  • Notes: Works at the Jefferson Examiner as the head editor. Can give permission to access the paper’s archives to find the members of the Midas Circle. Knows that Theodore Sedgwick has made him fire reporters for unflattering stories.
  • Dr. James Cavendish
  • Traits: Concerned about the safety of others.
  • Ida Brodie
  • Traits: Gruff, but willing to help those in need, just don’t ask her to be happy about it.
  • Nancy Carver
  • Traits: Speaks quickly and incoherently.
  • Billy Spitzer
  • Traits: Relentlessly optimistic.
  • Ester Freyn
  • Traits: Quiet and withdrawn
  • Sergeant Eamon MacCoole
  • Description: A solidly built man with short-cropped gray hair and a thick neck
  • Traits: Nervous and twitchy.
  • Notes: He knows that someone has been bribing the police chief to not investigate the camp. He suspects Theodore Sedgwick of the bribery.
  • James Browdski
  • Traits: Blustering manner, hiding a warm and forgiving nature.


  1. The fist clue is the location of the camp and that Harold Priestly was seen in it.
  2. The second clue is that he (Harold Priestly) arrived in the camp. It was the morning after Katarina’s father died.
  3. The location of the Hawkes House can be gotten from Reggie if they know that Theodore Sedgwick is involved, the newspaper if they find out about the Midas Circle or Billy when he show up.
  4. Members of the Midas Circle can be found at the newspaper, from Dr. James Cavendish, or Ida Brodie.

What is learned

  1. Alex Rossetti brought Harold Priestly in as a victim of the Midas Circle and dumped his body in the camp after they were done. He is making sure that extra attention is being paid to Priestly so that he will be weakened and eventually die (not that he knows the procedure is fatal).
  2. He is the son of one of New York’s Five Families Mafia


Hawkes Manor

The lawns are wild and overgrown, with weeds and saplings tall enough to obscure the vision of anyone walking through them, although the approach of winter is thinning them out. A few paths have been kept clear, apart from the gravel path, and it is possible to walk between the main house and the various outbuildings without cutting a way through the undergrowth.

As you move through the grounds, even with the paths,, enough of the plants will brush against the skin of any investigator passing along one of the narrow paths to reveal that they are covered with slime and sticky secretions. The sound of rustling leaves can be heard all around, and occasionally small gray or white slug-like creatures can be seen slithering across the ground or along the stem of a plant.

A sound comes from the thick undergrowth to the side of the path between the main house and one of the sheds. It sounds like a man sobbing, with the occasional muttered “help” mixed in, breathlessly, almost as a whimper.

A vagrant lies here, his flesh bulges and writhes all over and his whole body twitches. Suddenly a fat, pale leech-like parasite crawls out through his eye-socket, barely displacing the eyeball itself, then down his face and back in through a nostril.


Jan 27, 1930

I received a note to meet with a man named Theodore Sedgwick tomorrow for a business proposition at the club. After asking around, I found out he is a moderately well of man who used to be in the employ of a local patent scientist. I will go to see what he wants.

Jan 28, 1930

I met with Theodore Sedgwick and a man named Roscoe Molloy. Theodore told us that his former employer disappeared without an heir, and he wants to, with our help get Mr. Hawke declared dead and to purchase the Hawke’s home and furnishings to gain control of the machine he built. He then took us to the house and showed us what the machine was capable of. It allowed him to capture a slug like creature, he called specimen 19, and pull it from outside of the world into this one. After turning it on, he then pulled two of the creatures out of the chest of a homeless person restrained in the room and pushed them into our chests.

It felt beyond amazing, I do not know how to describe it other than it felt better than anything else ever had. We were told that the creature if placed inside someone absorbed something from its host, and if it was subsequently removed and placed in another person, released some of what it absorbed. This had the effect of making the second person extremely fortunate in all things.

Shortly after that, he removed them from us, warning us that if they stay in too long, they will start feeding on us like they have the homeless man. He then gave us two days to think it over and give him a decision.

Jan 29, 1930

Today has been astounding. First off for the difficult case that I have been trying, the witness I was cross-examining on the stand just gave the perfect testimony validating my points sinking the prosecution’s case.

Later I got news that some of my investments that had been languishing during this bad economy, turned around and increased in value ten times.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with Sedgwick and accept his offer.

March 30, 1932

It has started getting more difficult to get homeless people to serve as a food source for the specimen 19. So we have decided to bring on some muscle and use the Hooverville in Jefferson Parish as a source. So we are going to meet with a Alex Rossetti and try to bring him into the fold.

Jan 2, 1935

Mr. Rossetti brought in an unconscious, but well dressed man to use as the subject (Harold Priestly). He captured and put far more of the creatures inside of this man than we have ever done at one time. When I asked him about this man, he just told me to mind my own business. I am starting to get nervous about this who mess. As I start to look closer at the people that we use these things on, they seem to be getting sicker all the time.

Jan 8, 1935

Mr. Rossetti’s victim, because I can only think of him as a victim at this point is no longer in the washroom where we store the hosts for specimen 19 before we use them. I shudder to think what might have happened to him.

Jan 9, 1935

The containment around the device failed. There were sparks and small fires everywhere. The house shuddered and we fled leaving everything behind even the two kids with specimen 19s in them.