Deadlands Noir Case of the Missing Students

Case of the Missing Students


Professor Alex Meyer contacts Ada asking her for assistance finding students who have gone missing from Tulane University.

What is going on?

A recently created Patchwork man is going on a rampage killing those who cross his path while alone.


  • Patchwork Man
  • Walkin’ Heads
  • The Butcher


  • Dr Robert Dreyson
  • Traits: Reaches for the pocket of his lab coat if startled. Periodically just puts his hand in his pocket as if to verify that some object is still in it.


  • Professor Alex Meyer
  • Traits: Always fiddling with something in his hands while talking. Tends to end up lecturing whoever he talks too.
  • Knows: Knows that 7 students have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the last week.
  • Various Homeless People
  • Description: Dirty worn clothes
  • Traits:
  • Notes:
  • Knows: That the Deacon Fred Graves asked them to observe several of the surgeons because they believe one is killing the homeless
  • Deacon Fred Graves
  • Traits: When talking he passes his bible from one hand to the other.
  • Reverend Christopher P. Stilson
  • Traits: A calm confident aura, and a bedrock solid belief in his teachings. He has a deep resonant voice.
  • Name
  • Description:
  • Traits:
  • Notes:
  • Knows:


  1. Most of the victims have been medical students.
  2. The most of the victims were last scene going to or at the anatomy lab

What is learned

  1. Dr. Robert Dreyson created the patchwork man with a cursed scalpel.

What might be guessed


  1. The Butcher begins hunting the party.


  1. A pack of Walkin’ Heads is encountered while hunting the Patchwork man
  2. The summoning of the sleeper, the King in Yellow Sighting of the Carmine Salvatore clone.