Deadlands Noir Factions


Black Hand

The Black Hand controls the majority of gambling, prostitution, and extortion that goes on in New Orleans. When Prohibition was the law in the Union, they also made money hand over fist smuggling bootleg hooch up the Mississippi and to the dry states of Alabama and Mississippi. Sam “Silver Dollar” Carolla.

Carpet Baggers

The Carpetbaggers, a branch of the New York five families mafia have gained a toe-hold in New Orleans with their facilitation of the import of slot machines. Now that the door is opened, they are looking for ways to expand their operations.

Red Sect

This voodoo cult used to control all of the crime in New Orleans, but suddenly lost power shortly after Bayou Vermilion Railroad collapsed. While they have largely been relegated to the role of minor player, they do still control certain neighborhoods.

The Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord

This is a church that runs a number of soup kitchens and homeless shelters in New Orleans lead by a Reverend Christopher Stilson