Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord

Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord

Cult Characteristics


To be allowed into heaven, you must be a believer and must consume the body and blood of the Son of God (Jesus). Unfortunately only the most holy of people can perform the rights of transubstantiation. Fortunately those who have taken the host and their line from those that could perform the ritual contain the blood and body of Jesus, so if you eat of their flesh and drink of their blood you can get into heaven (as long as you are a worthy follower).


  1. Reverend Christopher P. Stilson
  2. Deacon Fred Graves
  3. Deacon Chad Roberts
  4. Deacon Patrick Crowley

Everywhere or not


The Body of Christ Church is open and active in the community with their shelters, missions, and soup kitchens. Their overt message is similar enough to main stream beliefs that they do not attract undo attention. The inner circle of initiates though while public figures, keep the groups beliefs about the flesh secret.

Never die

Detailing Your Cult

Who makes up the cult

The cult has two main levels. The entry ranks attend services at the soup kitchens that they run and the missions/shelters that they have setup in the city. Mostly these are poor people with nowhere else to go for food or shelter. When you move up to the initiate level, you find out the secret teachings (See belief above). This group is split into three groups, one group runs the missions, shelters, and soup kitchens. The next group traces genealogies to try and find those who would have consumed the body and blood of Jesus. This group also then investigates those that they find to see if they are behaving as a believer or not. If they are not, then they are passed on to the third group. The final group are the ones that capture, butcher and prepare the body and blood of those who have taken the true communion, but are not believers. Their victims are then consumed by those initiated into the cult and the leftovers are served to those who eat at the soup kitchens to increase the number of options for them to select from.

Beyond Belief

Split them up

Let the cult evolve

Where do they worship?

The recruitment and public services are performed at their soup kitchens and central church (an rented office space in a building). Their private “elect” services are only performed in the central church space and the Deacon’s homes.

What is the iconography, relics, and symbols?

A lot of images of the last supper, and holy communion.

Who makes up the cult?

The outer circle are the homeless and poor of the city. A few select members of the outer circle have been elevated to the inner circle based on the Reverend’s choices.