Deadlands Noir Locations

Jefferson Parish

Blue Star Dinner

The building itself is a pre-fabricated unit, designed to resemble a railroad car, with aluminum walls and a curved ceiling. It has a single counter, with fixed stools; booths line one wall.


The camp contains a variety of structures, ranging from tents and lean-tos, to sturdy shacks made of scrap wood and metal. Most people fend for themselves, but there are communal campfires where people gather and share meals, often accompanied by music and alcohol.

Crimson Rose Bar

A seedy bar in Jefferson Parish where the criminal element congregate.

New Orleans

Roadhouse Bar

A dimly lit bar at the edge of New Orleans with a brick facade.


A restaurant in the French Quarter where Sam “Silver Dollar” Corolla runs the Black Hand.

La Roche’s Shop

A voodoo shop with tourist junk in the front, but as you move further into the shop you start to find the real supplies. The shop was run by Simon La Roche.

Brenan’s Restaurant

A nice restaurant that was frequented by Alex Rossetti.


A dive bar frequented by Brett Easterbrook.

Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord

A small church that holds services in a set of rooms that are part of an office park.

Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant

An abandoned meat processing plant that was bought by Jacob Dover and used to produce the drug “The Black”.

Kelley Collins

A bar frequented by the party.