Deadlands Noir Non Player Characters

Deadlands Noir Non Player Characters

These are the non-player characters that the group has interacted with multiple times and what they know about them. These may are may not be important characters long-term. As they work on more cases this list will grow and change

The Living

Ida Brodie

Member: Owner of Blue Star Dinner
Description: A middle-aged woman with an explosion of curly grey hair.
Notes: Owns the Blue Star Dinner. Moderately friendly with the characters.

James Browdski

Member: Hooverville in Jefferson Parish
Description: Prematurely aged and haggard, with a moderately trimmed white beard. He wears a badly stained white coat over his threadbare clothes.
Notes: Knows when Harold Priestly arrived in camp, and he thinks that Priestly is delusional from whatever is making him and the others in the camp “sick”.

Sam “Silver Dollar” Carolla

Member: The Black Hand
Description: A man in his mid 40s with dark hair and an athletic build.
Notes: Leader of the Black Hand. Holds court in Sanzone’s a restaurant in the French Quarter.

Nancy Carver

Member: Hooverville in Jefferson Parish
Description: A once pretty young women with curly blonde hair, whose looks are marred by her hollow cheeks and the bags under her eyes.
Notes: Is currently delusional after witnessing the kidnapping of the kids. If calmed down, she can tell the group about the “faceless men” and the “puppet”.

Dr. James Cavendish

Description: A jowly man with thinning grey hair and cold blue eyes.
Notes: Is being blackmailed by Sedgwick into not helping the camp with the mystery illness. Works at the Bentham Hospital.

Mother Cheval

Member: Red Sect
Notes: Has been a member of the Red Sect for longer than any can remember

Brett Easterbrook

Member: Five families mafia
Description: A muscular man with dark hair and many scars on his hands from fights.
Notes: A low-level bodyguard and strong man with a couple of drunk and disorderly, breaking and entering, and brawling arrests.

Tony Fellini

Member: The Black Hand
Description: A handsome young man of Scillian descent with black hair and olive skin.
Notes: He is in love with Ada and is working to get her to return those feelings.

Ester Freyn

Member: Hooverville in Jefferson Parish
Description: A slightly built girl with large brown eyes and stringy hair.
Notes: Was missing, but has been returned home.

Deacon Fred Graves

Member: Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord
Description: A pale, scrawny man in a rumpled suit clutching a battered and dog-eared bible.
Notes: A deacon in the church.

Senator Huey “The Kingfish” Long

Member: LA State Senator
Description: An overweight balding man with white hair always with a cigar in his hand.
Notes: Can setup a meeting between the group and the Five Families to calm tensions.

Dylan “Sharky” Malone

Member: Was a member of the Black Hand
Description: Worn down, scrawny man with stringy dark hair. Looks older than his 30 years put him.
Notes: Was a member of the Black Hand that was sent to investigate “The Black”, he became addicted to it and has since stopped reporting in. He frequents various shelters run by the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord.

Professor Alex Meyer

Member: Faculty at Tulane University
Description: A mature educator and inventor stooped and balding with gray hair and bright blue eyes.
Notes: Ada’s friend on campus. A professor of Geochemistry

Roscoe Molloy

Member: Midas Circle
Description: A tall, dapper man with a heavy brow and big, hairy knuckled hands.
Notes: Owns a clothing factory where he works.

Patrick Paulson

Member: Five families mafia
Description: A large man with short blonde hair and grey eyes
Notes: The current leader of the Five families in New Orleans. He was present at Rossetti’s assassination and was one of the two Five Families members that got away.

Captain Mike Peterson

Member: New Orleans Police
Description: A tall whip thin man with buzzed cut grey hair and blue grey eyes.
Notes: Doesn’t know much about Greyson Slade, but is on the take with the Five Families at least enough to look the other way and try to warn people to stay out of upcoming confrontations.

Dr. Quincey

Member: City Medical examiner
Description: A short barrel shaped man
Notes: A city medical examiner that is in the Black Hand’s pocket

Theodore Sedgwick

Member: Midas Circle
Description: A pale, pudgy man with slicked-back black hair. His face is covered with a white silk kerchief.
Notes: When he can, he keeps his face hidden presumably due to illness, but really due to his corruption.

Billy Spitzer

Member: Hooverville in Jefferson Parish
Description: A young boy with curly red hair and bright green eyes.
Notes: Was missing, but has been returned home.

Reverend Christopher P. Stilson

Member: Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord
Description: A slim man of mature years with silver hair and piercing blue eyes.
Notes: Leader of the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord.

George Viscount

Member: Unknown
Description: A skinny, young black man.
Notes: He knows how to get in touch with Simon and the things that Simon would want. He also knows that Simon will want to kill the group.

Sam Ward

Description: A brown haired, heavy-set man of middle age.
Notes: Manager of Brenan’s restaurant.


Member: The Black Addict
Description: A thin young man with stringy hair and a red rimmed eyes.
Notes: A college student that is addicted to “The Black”, a new drug. He was held prisoner in Alex Rossetti’s house

The Dead

Casper Brinck – Dead

Member: Midas Circle
Description: A thin pale man with high cheekbones and grey hair.
Notes: Is a lawyer in town.

Jacob Dover – Dead

Member: Drug manufacturer
Description: An athletic man in his mid 30s with a cruel expression.
Notes: Makes the Black, he came from a wealthy family until his father squandered the fortune trying to make contact with his dead wife. He later died leaving Jacob living in poverty.

Dr. Robert Dreyson – Dead

Description: A thin wiry man in his mid 30s with a shock of black hair.
Notes: Possessed a cursed scalpel that has disappeared now.

The Ghost – Dead

Member: Freelance Assassin
Description: A mid forties man with thick glasses. He wears an odd belt and has a light trench coat.
Notes: A patent scientist hitman who builds gravity based devices, a belt that bends light around him (Invisibility), a rifle that reverses gravity (Blast), and a pistol that uses gravity waves to tear a target appart (Bolt)

Steve Howell – Dead

Member: Unknown
Description: A young white college student from a moderately rich family who displays the signs of a user of “The Black”.
Notes: He is a dealer of the drug “Black” that lives in a dorm on the Tulane campus.

Gauthier Loupiac

Description: An old man with thinning long white hair, and missing several teeth.
Notes: The leader of a family of swamp dwellers.

Harold Priestly – Dead

Member: The Black Hand
Description: An emaciated shell of a man, barely able to move. His thin brown hair falls out in clumps and his skin is cracked and flaking.
Notes: Worked for Katarina Salvatore’s father as a top Lieutenant. He dies shortly after the players find him by collapsing into dust and blowing away. He confirms that her father’s death was not an accident.

Simon La Roche – Dead

Member: Red Sect
Description: A short, quadroon man (1/4 black). His dark hair cut short and close to the scalp.
Notes: Speaks with a strong creole accent. Moved out of the Villains list because of the Love Interest card being played on him, and was killed by the Nkondi

Alex Rossetti – Dead

Member: Midas Circle, Five families mafia
Description: A large, solid man, with a broken nose and a scar over his left eye.
Notes: Knows by sight Jake, Sophia, Adelaide, Katarina

Carmine Salvatore – Dead

Member: The Black Hand
Notes: Katarina’s father. Was killed presumably by the Red Sect as part of their effort to start a mafia war in New Orleans.