Things Learned During Deadlands Noir Campaign

So last week I finished the Deadlands Noir campaign that I was running. Some of these items are generic Savage Worlds ideas and some of them are more specific to the setting or genres covered by Deadlands Noir. Continue reading “Things Learned During Deadlands Noir Campaign”


Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

So I have been working my way through this book lately and wanted to get some of my thoughts down on it. Overall, I thought it was a really good set of basic rules for a Science Fiction game, with one notable exception that I will come back to later. Continue reading “Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion”

Deadlands Noir Session 28 Notes

So we after a four-week break, we pick up where the game left off with the cooling corpse of Deacon Graves before the group and Reverend Stilson having moved back into his office area and out of sight.

Greyson rushes through the door but doesn’t see the Reverend. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 28 Notes”

Impressions of Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon

So today I finished reading Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon. It was a book that has been on my to buy list for quite a while. It wasn’t what I expected based on the title, but still an interesting book and it did expose me to a a number of stories that I haven’t read set in Lankhmar. Continue reading “Impressions of Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon”

Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

So here is the Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow that I painted over the weekend. I spent a lot of time doing watered down coats of brown for it slowly building up the color. With the wood bones sections of it I pushed darker colors into and focused on lighter colors of brown for the rags that it is wearing. Continue reading “Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow”

Savage Potter Session 9

When we resume the game, we find out it is a Friday evening. After spending dinner making numerous observations about how the school is run, who has transferred from Hogwarts and who is missing, Lilith includes Lucy and I with the rest of the group that is going on the ferry to the town for ice cream before curfew. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 9”

Impressions of Straw Boss

Straw Boss┬áis a new FATE World of Adventure that deals with those who battle the supernatural in a modern setting by binding a supernatural being to themselves so that they can battle others. It is a bit like a low powered Dresden Files. Since this is a genre that I find fascinating, I picked it up as a PWYW item (Pay What You Want) in PDF format and it is definitely worth looking into. Continue reading “Impressions of Straw Boss”