Savage Potter Session 5

I missed at least one session, I believe the second session was canceled that I was expecting to miss. So there was some catch up as to what had happened since I was last available to play. Anyway here is what happened according to my character.

School has been busy and while I have spent extra time since I started hanging out with Moria, Trent, Lilith, Gustoff and Brunhilde preparing for the trouble that they invariably get me caught up in. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 5”


Frank Buck

So this is my Frank Buck. since I have been running a Deadlands Noir game I have been looking for Bones figures that would be appropriate for the setting, and while he is close, he doesn’t quite fit in with a New Orleans look he was pretty close. Unfortunately Reaper still hasn’t released the new Noir themed bones miniatures, but this month they did release some that I have had my eye on from the Mythos set from their third Kickstarter that I will probably pick up next month. Continue reading “Frank Buck”

Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit

So I just finished reading the Fate Adversary Toolkit and wanted to get my thoughts down. One of the things that I have always liked about Fate Core is the fact that it was easy to lift the ideas presented in it and incorporate them in other games such as the Savage Worlds that is my normal system of choice. Continue reading “Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit”

Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes

This was our first session after a break of four weeks. There were various real world events that kept us from our regularly scheduled game two weeks ago, and have kept me from the game table for all but these two sessions in August. Hopefully things will be more stable for the rest of the year.

We begin the session with a decision do we visit Carmine Salvatore’s grave first or do we go back to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord? Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes”

The Black Mist

So this is my work on The Black Mist. I liked the image of a “Shadow” like figure with two automatic pistols so I have wanted to paint him for quite some time. Overall, I am starting to not be sure about the “Bones” material for player character miniatures, but I do like it for non-player characters and monsters. Continue reading “The Black Mist”

Impressions of the Crescent Empire

So I just finished reading this book. It took me longer than I would have have liked due to life interfering. Overall I liked the setting described in the book quite a bit. I have had some interest in the real world region for a while, and so some of the things covered in the book felt a little off, Continue reading “Impressions of the Crescent Empire”

Cultists and Circle

So these are my Cultists with Circle that will also be part of the final battle along with my previous Aglanda) miniature that I painted. These were not as washed out because I didn’t want the clothes that they are wearing to look as moldy, but I still wanted to provide hints of The King in Yellow again that is part of the inspiration for the final battle. Continue reading “Cultists and Circle”