Historical Scenario Research

I have been thinking about writing up a location in Phoenix for Deadlands since I saw an image of the original Hotel Adams in the Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images Google+ feed. I thought it was an interesting building architecturally, but I didn’t know anything about it other than it burned down in 1910. So I started trying to look up information on it and I ended up finding two sites that would be useful for anyone researching historical events to incorporate into a scenario.

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Using Knowledge skills to expand the world

One of the things that I like about Fate Core and the related Fate system games is how they include the players in the generation of setting information. This combined with the Dungeon World move Spout Lore lead me to the concept of using the knowledge skills and the common knowledge rolls as a way to incorporate player ideas into the setting.

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Incorporating the Countdown clock into Savage Worlds

With all of the different game systems that I read, I have seen many different ways to set up a story to run. One of the ones that I have liked the most is the Countdown clock used in the Powered by Apocalypse games and that was first introduced in Apocalypse World. I have been thinking about how to include this mechanic in Savage Worlds.

First some brief notes about Countdown clocks.

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How I prep for a Savage Worlds game

The only system I currently run or play is Savage Worlds, and when I am preparing to run a game, I tend to go very light on the preparation.

The first thing that I do is work out the basic idea for the session. It could be something as simple as get to the site where a delivery team was ambushed, pick up the package and finish the delivery (which is something that I used for an Interface Zero 2.0 game session) and then add in some twists or complications.

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Conversion of “Bleak Prospect” for Monster of the Week

Notes: The original version of this scenario had it taking place during the Great Depression in a “Hooverville”. For this modern interpretation of it, I am having the victims be residents of a “colonia” which is an unregulated settlement. In the US these settlements are mostly located in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, but I am sure that there are others in other states, and some other countries. You can find some information on these here.  You can also set this in one of any Shanty towns and you can find more information on these here.

Inspired by: Nameless Horrors: Bleak Prospect

Hook: A strange wasting sickness has infected a colonia near a city that is home to a group of the richest people in the region and very little has been done to fight it. Last night, a young orphan boy and girl mysteriously disappearing from their home in the colonia.

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Revisions for the conversion of the Space Between for Monster of the Week

This is a revision of the previous post based on my interpretations of the comments provided by Michael Sands in my Monster of the Week Roadhouse posted here.

Inspired by: Nameless Horrors : The Space Between

Concept: The Hunters get involved in the disappearance on an actress working on a film promoting a religious group, with the cast and crew all being followers of this faith.

Hook: In a circle with various sigils drawn in blood under basalt cliffs, a man skins a woman with a ritual knife as voice chants in the background.

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