Conversion of “The Space Between” for Monster of the Week

Below is my attempt to convert a Call of Cthulhu adventure to use Monster of the Week. The details have been left out, in this version, but they should be added in part by the group playing this scenario so I am not too worried about that, and I have a lot more details (descriptions of people and places) in my own files. One thing to note, I kept the lethality of this scenario high in keeping with the original scenario. So without further ado.

Inspired by: Nameless Horrors : The Space Between

Hook: In a circle with various sigils drawn in blood under basalt cliffs, a man skins a woman with a ritual knife as voice chants in the background.

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Systems that caught my eye

I have spent the last several months away from gaming, but reading a variety of systems ranging from variations on the Apocalypse World rules set (Dungeon World, Monster of the Week and Urban Shadows), the core Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed. books, Call of Cthulhu 7th ed., various Savage Worlds books (Last Sons, The Flood, Stone and a Hard Place, Fantasy Companion, Super Powers Companion), various books from the old Wraith system, Feng Shui 2 and several others that I can’t remember at this time.

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Takhesh Key of Naqse Rostam

Takhesh was the priest king that ruled an empire that existed more than two thousand years ago with an iron fist. Eventually, he was overthrown, killed and buried and the prison tomb Naqse Rostam. He has been working to escape ever since. Recently a band of river pirates have taken up residence at Naqse Rostam, and accidentally broke one of the three seals that have kept him imprisoned. Now he can reach out and mentally influence the river pirates.

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Updated ideas for Naqse Rostam: Necropolis

Naqse Rostam is the ancient burial site and prison for the evil priest-king Takhesh that ruled the neighboring lands more than two thousand years ago. After his rule was ended, his body was interned at Naqse Rostam, and three seals were placed on the tomb to keep him from returning to reclaim his empire. Over the centuries that past, the outer tombs were looted, and the site was forgotten.

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Location Naqse Rostam: Necropolis

Between the cities of Angkor and Gudua, lies an ancient necropolis know as Naqse Rostam. This location was ancient before either of those cities where founded. The tombs are carved into the sides of the canyon and there are nine major ones and innumerable minor ones. While tomb robbers have long since emptied the tombs of valuables.

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Ideas for the City of Angkor


  • God King lives and rules from a giant ziggurat in the city center
  • Every year six children are sacrificed (one for each of the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West, Up, Down)). On the sixth year the God King himself is sacrificed and returns on the next day.
  • The city is highly regimented with an extensive caste system.

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