Interface Zero 2.0 Intro Scenario


This is a write up for a introduction scenario that I ran for Interface Zero 2.0. I ran this for a group I had just met, and I didn’t have a good idea of what kind of characters they were going to make or what kind of play style they had. Anyway, I thought that this might be useful to someone either as inspiration for a one shot, or as an introductory session to the setting.


A local fixer calls your team with a simple job for you as an audition to prove yourselves before she agrees to use you with her clients. The job is to meet up with a courier team that just came into town and is now caught in a crossfire, and assist them in finishing the delivery of a package to a HelixTec mega corp research facility.

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The 7th Sea Returns: Part II

This is the second post covering information found in the 7th Sea quick start rules that have been released while the kickstarter project is going on. For additional information see the first post here.

Action Scenes are declared by the GM when the players want to change the world, while they are faced with some sort of imminent danger. This danger could be from a building collapsing on them, or a gang of muggers trying to rob them. This is probably the single biggest area of concern I have rules wise. The process for an action scene goes Continue reading “The 7th Sea Returns: Part II”

The 7th Sea Returns: Part I

So this last week a Kickstarter project was started to produce the 7th Sea: Second Edition, and it is going insanely well. I am interested in this because I have fond memories of the original 7th Sea’s setting. I remember collecting a number of the books, the main rules, several of the nation books and a couple of the secret society books. Since that time I have gotten rid of all of the books that I had in large part because while I enjoyed the setting, and thought the system was interesting, I found that it did not seem to support the characters in play as it described.

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The City of Angkor

The city of Angkor is a little over a days walk from the great canyon through which runs the mighty river Karos. It is ruled by the God King Ishshak. This is a massive city the outer portions built using mud bricks, and the oldest parts of the inner city are made with stone. The center most building in the city is a giant ziggurat inside which Ishshak lives and rules over all that he can see. His priests roam the city dressed in orange robes, keeping a watchful eye on all that happens, and capturing those that break the laws of the city.

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Rules I need to remember to use

There are three situational rules that I have never used while running a Savage Worlds game that I need to make specific efforts to incorporate in my games. In fact there are instances of two of them that, if I had remembered them, would have been good in the last games that I ran.

The first of rule is the Chase rule. While I don’t normally set up chase scenes, just making sure that I have them in my pocket so to speak will be good in the future, because you never know when the characters will either be chased Continue reading “Rules I need to remember to use”

Olympus, Inc.

When I started seeing promos for the new Olympus, Inc setting for Savage Worlds, I was only moderately interested. In fact I was less interested in the cyberpunk nature of the setting than the modern-day descendants of the Greek gods urban fantasy bit. I thought it would make good inspiration for a Percy Jackson and the Olympians game. Which would probably be a good setting to introduce younger people into the hobby.

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Historical Scenario Research

I have been thinking about writing up a location in Phoenix for Deadlands since I saw an image of the original Hotel Adams in the Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images Google+ feed. I thought it was an interesting building architecturally, but I didn’t know anything about it other than it burned down in 1910. So I started trying to look up information on it and I ended up finding two sites that would be useful for anyone researching historical events to incorporate into a scenario.

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