The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide Part 2

This is a continuation of my thoughts on the conversion for Rifts® for Savage Worlds. It covers chapters 2 and 3. You can find my earlier post here. These chapters cover gear and powers.

Chapter Two covers the new gear for the setting. It leaves out any reference to the standard gear that is not specific to this setting, so no bows, revolvers, etc. This chapter starts off with a description of the currency used in the setting Continue reading “The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide Part 2”


The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide Part I

As I read through the conversion for Rifts® for Savage Worlds, I wanted to write down my thoughts on the product. As some background, in the 90’s I bought and had a number of books for the original setting that were produced by Palladium Books, but over the years they have all left my possession. I remember loving the idea of the setting, but I have much vaguer memories of the rules, and even the setting details. In addition I did not follow the product line Continue reading “The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide Part I”

Systems that inspire me

I read a lot of gaming books. I picked up this habit from reading books on computer programming, and more specifically from the fact that I found as I bounced between reading books on Java, Groovy, and C#, I gained a deeper understanding of the other languages as well. So this is as much my hobby as playing them is, and there are certain games that continue to inspire me and change the way I think about gaming. These are the systems that I Continue reading “Systems that inspire me”

Stories for Savage Worlds

A couple of days ago I wrote briefly about the 7th Sea Second Edition’s story mechanic for character advancement. I know I didn’t cover it in much depth then, but now I want to spend some time examining more closely how it could be used in Savage Worlds and this time provide an example of how it might work, including some alternate ideas as to how this could be used. First off though the basic idea behind the mechanic in the 7th Sea is that each characterduring creation defines a story with a concept and a goal, and the goal includes the reward for completing the story. Continue reading “Stories for Savage Worlds”

7th Sea Second Edition Impressions

So I just finished reading the new 7th Sea Second Edition backer preview and I thought I would write down my impressions. The first thing that comes to mind is that I an very happy with the changes that where done to the main continent that the game takes place on. A month or so ago, I read both the GM’s Guide and the Player’s Guide for first edition, and I remember not being terribly inspired by any of the nations. I mean I still thought they were well Continue reading “7th Sea Second Edition Impressions”

7th Sea Second Edition Stories as character advancement for Savage Worlds

I have been reading the new 7th Sea Second edition kickstarter preview over the last week or so, and while I haven’t finished it yet, I have gotten through just over the first half of it. I will do more of a review once I finish reading it, but I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about the character advancement mechanic for the game.

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Inspiration for Deadlands, Noir or El Hipnotizador as inspiration

Last month, my wife and I finished watching a HBO Latino show called El Hipnotizador. It was a show about a hypnotist who had lost his memory and had insomnia set in the time between the wars (World War I and World War II). It was set in a large nameless city where the inhabitants spoke both Spanish and Portuguese (I had to watch with the English subtitles) and all the characters seemed to switch back and forth between the languages. You can find the recaps I wrote of the episodes here.

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