7th Sea Second Edition Stories as character advancement for Savage Worlds

I have been reading the new 7th Sea Second edition kickstarter preview over the last week or so, and while I haven’t finished it yet, I have gotten through just over the first half of it. I will do more of a review once I finish reading it, but I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about the character advancement mechanic for the game.

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Inspiration for Deadlands, Noir or El Hipnotizador as inspiration

Last month, my wife and I finished watching a HBO Latino show called El Hipnotizador. It was a show about a hypnotist who had lost his memory and had insomnia set in the time between the wars (World War I and World War II). It was set in a large nameless city where the inhabitants spoke both Spanish and Portuguese (I had to watch with the English subtitles) and all the characters seemed to switch back and forth between the languages. You can find the recaps I wrote of the episodes here.

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Pulp Cthulhu idea worth stealing for Savage Worlds

Several years ago I backed the Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. Kickstarter, and while it has been a really long road, the end is now finally in sight. One of the things that was funded with that Kickstarter which was delivered recently was the long-awaited Pulp Cthulhu supplement. The backers received the pdfs for this book mid last month, and I spent the last several days reading and digesting it.

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A Second Pass at Tubbiq Alklmary and Hayalet Arcane Backgrounds for Interface 2.0 CthulhuTech

When I last posted these Arcane Backgrounds, I envisioned doing one for each of the shape shifting flavors instead of just one for each group. While my original format will work, it would definitely work better for the not-tager versions because there is more information on the playable ones than there is for the non-player character not-dhohanoids. You can see the original post with references to the Corporation that created them here. So here are the revised backgrounds: Continue reading “A Second Pass at Tubbiq Alklmary and Hayalet Arcane Backgrounds for Interface 2.0 CthulhuTech”

An Interface 2.0 Corp blended with CthulhuTech inspiration

This post is inspired by a couple of things, none of which are required to use. The first is the rules on cults that I just finished reading in the Codex Infernus. The second source of inspiration are the Dhohanoids and Tagers from CthulhuTech which I recently started thinking about. These thoughts have been swirling around in my head for the last couple of weeks, and now I finally am at a point where I can put them together. I am going to do this post in Continue reading “An Interface 2.0 Corp blended with CthulhuTech inspiration”

Codex Infernus Part 3

So today I finally finished reading the Codex Infernus, the last chapter was about the new demons, other monsters, and other hazards from hell. It was for the most part a perfectly acceptable bestiary. The included lesser and greater demons were definitely intended for higher rank characters, especially if you are using more than one or two of them in an encounter. Pretty much all of them take only half damage unless being attacked with magic or cold iron weapons. The Continue reading “Codex Infernus Part 3”

Codex Infernus Part 2

So I am still reading Codex Infernus, I have now finished three more chapters of the book (You can find my thoughts on the first three chapters here). These three chapters included a fantasy world, Aegeron, a description of the hell of Aegeron, and a chapter breaking down some of the concepts that you can use to make a custom hell for your campaign including some basic information on different real world cultures’ hells. This chapter also gives five Continue reading “Codex Infernus Part 2”