Thoughts on a way to run CthulhuTech in Savage Worlds

Early on I found CthulhuTech¬†and quickly bought up most of the books in it because I found the idea of the setting to be very interesting. After reading the books that I had gotten, I found that the setting did stand up to my expectations. Unfortunately, the rules system didn’t measure up to the setting. To me it seemed like the various ways to get the total from any dice roll, while interesting in a philosophical sense, were not practical for play. Between that Continue reading “Thoughts on a way to run CthulhuTech in Savage Worlds”


The Zahhak a creature for Weird War I

Here is a new monster for your Weird War I, Weird Wars Rome or Ripper’s Resurrected games set in the middle east. You can find some information about this figure here, but I have changed it so that it is no longer a unique creature, but a demonic race that can be used in numbers if you wish. They can be either wild cards or extras, but the leader of a group of them should always be a wild card.


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Codex Infernus

I backed the Codex Infernus kickstarter mostly on a whim, and now I have finally started reading the PDF that was delivered. One of the first things that struck me as I started reading it was how parts of it could be applicable to the Rifts for Savage Worlds kickstarter when it comes out. But the further I have gotten in it, and I have not finished it yet, the more uses that I can see for it, and the happier I am about having backed it. Continue reading “Codex Infernus”

Savage Rifts Design Diary 2

When I read the second design diary for Savage Rifts, found here, I was excited by how I interpreted what was said about the Iconic Frameworks. To me this sounded similar to what Olympus, Inc was going to do which is something that I was keen on seeing, and keep getting disappointed when the projects fail to fund or get shut down just before they would have funded. And while I am sure there are going to be differences in how each of these settings create
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7th Sea Games Master’s Guide, the Game Master Chapter

Last night I finished reading the 7th Sea Game Masters’ Guide that I got as part of the 7th Sea Second Edition kickstarter. I had previously read the book back when it first came out, and had since gotten rid of the books that I had over the course of a number of moves. Since that time, I had forgotten how much I was inspired by some of the information that is covered in the Game Masters chapter of the book. Particularly in the section on Dramatic Situations, but the entire section on “The Author Hat” was particularly inspiring this time. When I first read it, I bet Continue reading “7th Sea Games Master’s Guide, the Game Master Chapter”

7th Sea and Accursed

I haven’t had as much time this last week to read as I would like, so I haven’t finished anything lately, but the last couple of things that I have been reading have either been for the first edition of the 7th Sea RPG and a couple of the books that I got from the last Accursed kickstarter. While reading these books (I am currently reading the GM’s guide for the 7th Sea and will be reading another of the Accursed books after I finish this one), I find that I am drawn to the 7th Sea setting in a way that I am not for the Accursed setting.

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In Honor of Rifts for Savage Worlds

This week the Rifts for Savage Worlds kickstarter began, and so far it is going like gangbusters. I don’t know much about these rules, just little bits I picked up here and there from various blog post, social media post, etc. This is probably the setting that I am most excited to see that is coming out, or has come out in a while for Savage Worlds. I mean I like Deadlands and Weird Wars I a lot, but I remember anxiously waiting for the release of Rifts when I saw the advertisements in Dragon, the frustration when it kept getting pushed back month after month. And then it came out. Continue reading “In Honor of Rifts for Savage Worlds”