Monster of the Week and the Mystery Format for Savage Worlds

This post is in response to a question about the scenario that I wrote up for Weird War I “Raid on the Hejaz Line“. Someone asked why the locations listed a motive, and I realized that I have never talked about the format that I have taken up for writing scenarios from Monster of the Week.

In Monster of the Week, each scenario is called a Mystery, and they provide a certain structure that I find useful to visualize for how things would progress, who is involved with, and where the events occur. Below is my Continue reading “Monster of the Week and the Mystery Format for Savage Worlds”


Weird War I Raid on the Hejaz Line

Notes: This scenario is for Weird War I and set in Arabia as part of the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. It is designed for a single squad of Arab, British, French, or a mixed nationality unit.

Hook: A specialist squad is tasked with sneaking to the Hejaz rail line (an important one for moving troops and supplies) and sabotaging it before a troop train arrives so that a larger force can ambush the those on the train.

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The Arabian Ghul for Weird War I

Here is a new monster for your Weird War I games that is native to the middle east. You can find some of the mythology about these creatures here and here.

Ghul (Ghoul)

Ghuls are a desert-dwelling, shapeshifting demon that lure unwary people into the deserts or abandoned places to kill and eat them. Traditionally they appear as attractive woman to lure their victims away from help, and then they
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Impressions of Weird War I

So I have spent the last two days reading both the Player’s Guide and the War Master’s Handbook. I really enjoyed this, the second setting in the Weird War series that I have read (the other one is Weird Wars Rome) and I like this one better. To be fair though, I have more of an interest in World War I than in Rome. The horrors while there are some overlap between the two, I find the new ones cool, and the introduction of the some of the ones from other sources such as Deadlands particularly appropriate (I am looking at you Blood Wire).

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Fate Core’s Bronze Rule and Ad Hoc Skills

I backed the Fate Core kickstarter a number of years ago and have followed the thoughts of various people who were involved with it, and this has led me to applying these two ideas to Savage Worlds.

The first thing is Fate Core’s bronze rule, sometimes referred to as the Fate Fractal, which states that pretty much anything in the game can be treated as a character. For example if the purpose of the session is to survive a storm, Continue reading “Fate Core’s Bronze Rule and Ad Hoc Skills”

A Deadlands scenario for Phoenix, AZ

Notes: This scenario is partially inspired by the Laundry Files Atrocity Archives and knowledge of the Indian Schools system that was put in place to erase the Native American culture during the late 19th and early 20th century. I am using the format that I have in the past used with Monster of the Week mysteries and added a count down clock at the end to give some ideas for the pacing of the scenario.

Hook: Children at the Phoenix Indian School have been disappearing during the night.

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Generational Games

While waiting on the funding for the Weird War I to make its way through kickstarter and to Pinnacle, I thought I would go back and look over the Weird Wars Rome setting for the first time since I read it a year or so ago. In it I found something that I had forgotten about that could be useful for games where the players play several generations in a family.

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