Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes

Since we had a full crew this week, we resumed our regular story line with the gang heading out to rescue Esther from the Boudreaux family. They schedule their arrival right at sun rise and what they find is a small rural town in the bayous. They find on the state highway, a general store a church and a handful of houses. They also see three dirt roads that lead deeper into the surrounding swamps. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 27 Notes”


Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes

Since we are getting close to wrapping up the main plot of the campaign and we were missing a couple of players for this session, I decided to run a session that foreshadowed some of the things that are coming up for the final sessions. The other thing that inspired this session is the fact that I have been reading Blades in the Dark. So without further ado, here is the story of the Tony, Cole, and Jesse as they rob a rich church a year before the main story’s time line.

Jesse, Tony and Cole are waiting outside of an upscale church that they have been casing for the last stragglers to leave after the last Sunday service of the evening. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 26 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes

This was our first session after a break of four weeks. There were various real world events that kept us from our regularly scheduled game two weeks ago, and have kept me from the game table for all but these two sessions in August. Hopefully things will be more stable for the rest of the year.

We begin the session with a decision do we visit Carmine Salvatore’s grave first or do we go back to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord? Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 25 Notes”

Cultists and Circle

So these are my Cultists with Circle that will also be part of the final battle along with my previous Aglanda) miniature that I painted. These were not as washed out because I didn’t want the clothes that they are wearing to look as moldy, but I still wanted to provide hints of The King in Yellow again that is part of the inspiration for the final battle. Continue reading “Cultists and Circle”

Aglanda, Herald of Razmir

So this is my Aglanda, Hearla of Razmir whoever that is. I picked this miniature for use as one of the final encounters in my Deadlands Noir game that I am running. I took a lot of inspiration from and wanted to get to have the robes be a sickly almost moldy yellow color. I think that I got a pretty good result with mixtures of pale saffron and shadowed stone and pale saffron and moldy skin. Continue reading “Aglanda, Herald of Razmir”

A Case of Missing Students Postmortem

This case was loosely based off the Deadlands Noir Savage Tale “The Axeman Cometh”. I re-did the intro because I wanted to tie it into one of the character’s (Ada) and I was pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically the group dropped the case they were still working to jump on this.

Continue reading “A Case of Missing Students Postmortem”

Deadlands Noir Session 24 Notes

We start off this session with more research. The group starts by going off to visit the scene of the murders last month to see if there is anything that catches their attention. One of the first things that Greyson realizes is that the building this happened in used to be the police headquarters about twenty years ago. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 24 Notes”