Case of the Black Postmortem

This was probably the most focused case that we played which was kind of nice (it only took us about 4 1/2 sessions to get through it). One thing that I am learning about this group is how easily they can get distracted by other things going on in the game. So I have to be very careful how many red herrings I put out there otherwise, they might never resolve a case that they are working on. Continue reading “Case of the Black Postmortem”

Deadlands Noir Session 16 Notes

Notes: This session felt a little off to me. We missed playing last week due to too many players not being available for various reasons. So today we spent a fair amount of time at the start getting back up to speed with what had been going on. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 16 Notes”

Deadlands Noir Session 14 Notes

We start off with the group following Steve Howell, the Black dealer from the warehouse back to his dorm. After dithering a while about what to do then, they spot him sneaking out of the dorm and heading off into a secluded section of the park near campus. Continue reading “Deadlands Noir Session 14 Notes”

Impressions from my latest read through of Savage Suzerain

So I decided recently to go ahead and re-read this book for the first time in years. I didn’t remember much about it when I started reading it this time, and I quickly realized that this was basically a bunch of rules tweaks that in theory would make Savage Worlds even more over the top than the base implementation without going as far as the Savage Rifts implementation did. Continue reading “Impressions from my latest read through of Savage Suzerain”

A Case of Nkondi Revenge Postmortem

This string of sessions for this case definitely had its highs and lows. It was during this case that we had a player drop out for reasons, and I have started trying to be better based on some of the issues reported by the player that left the game for why as well as feedback from the group in general. Continue reading “A Case of Nkondi Revenge Postmortem”