Ideas for Clues in an Investigation Heavy Savage Worlds Game

One of the things that I have been thinking about lately is how to do investigation heavy games better. This is coming up because I am currently running a Deadlands Noir game, and one of the most frequent and wide-spread issues is pacing and keeping the players from flailing around without knowing where to go next. Continue reading “Ideas for Clues in an Investigation Heavy Savage Worlds Game”


Cthulhu Dark ideas for Savage Worlds Horror

Cthulhu Dark is a new Lovecraftian horror game raising funding on kickstarter now. From the information that I have seen, it looks very interesting, and is inspiring for horror games in Savage Worlds. You can find the kickstarter Continue reading “Cthulhu Dark ideas for Savage Worlds Horror”

Impressions of East Texas University

I decided to re-read this book because it was part of the Un-Stretch Goal for the Fear Agents and The Goon kickstarters making either of them being an even better deal than they will be. If you are remotely interested in either of those properties you should check that out especially if you don’t have the Ripper’s Resurrected, East Texas University, Deadlands Reloaded (Player’s Guide Review and Marshal’s Guide Review), or The Last Parsec pdfs. Continue reading “Impressions of East Texas University”

Urban Shadows City Threats for Deadlands Noir

Today I just finished reading Dark Streets for Urban Shadows. This is a setting book and a collection of extra playbooks and essays for the Urban Shadows (an Apocalypse World game). It is not something that I intend to write a review for unless I go back and re-read the Urban Shadows core book and review it first, Continue reading “Urban Shadows City Threats for Deadlands Noir”

The Book of Worms

This is an idea that was inspired from the short story De Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae in the collection She Walks in Shadows. I keep thinking of settings that this could be used in. My first thought was in a Deadlands game, and then while reading the Lankhmar books I realized it could be used there. Finally while sitting down to start writing this I realized that it could also be used in an East Texas University game or with minor changes even in a 50 Fathoms game1. The basic idea is that this old cursed book will transform whoever owns it into a monstrous worm like creature slowly over time. So without further ado here is the Book of Worms.
Continue reading “The Book of Worms”

The Collector of Days

This was inspired by the show on HBO called El Hipnotizador, which was based on an Argentinian comic book. As an aside, if you understand Spanish/Portuguese, I would recommend watching this, and if you don’t, it sounds like they have English subtitles available. This creature is appropriate in any game with mystery or horror elements, so Deadlands, Deadlands Noir, Rippers Resurrected, or even East Texas University.

The Collector of Days appears to be a old man or woman in a traveling fair the moves through the region, and has his own wagon/booth where he meets those who need his services. And his services are to make the Continue reading “The Collector of Days”

Incorporating the Countdown clock into Savage Worlds

With all of the different game systems that I read, I have seen many different ways to set up a story to run. One of the ones that I have liked the most is the Countdown clock used in the Powered by Apocalypse games and that was first introduced in Apocalypse World. I have been thinking about how to include this mechanic in Savage Worlds.

First some brief notes about Countdown clocks.

They were first described in the Apocalypse World rules as a reminder that the threats in the game world have goals and plans to reach them. These plans are dictated by the desires and intentions of those to whom they belong. Continue reading “Incorporating the Countdown clock into Savage Worlds”