Ideas incorporated from Fate into Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

With the new adventure edition, and the new Interface Zero 3.0 Edition being Kickstarted for it, I am seeing some ideas that I was first introduced to in various versions of Fate making their way into Savage Worlds, and I think that this is a good thing.

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Achtung Cthulhu Interface 19.40

So I finished reading this the other day, and I wanted to get some thoughts down about this. Going in, I didn’t have much of an idea of what this book was going to cover. Based on the cover and title, I thought it was going to be some rules for cybernetics in World War 2, and what it turned into is oh so much more.

The book is broken down in two parts. The first part starts with a number of chapters of background information in a similar format to the in character background information dumps from Interface Zero 2.0. Continue reading “Achtung Cthulhu Interface 19.40”

A Second Pass at Tubbiq Alklmary and Hayalet Arcane Backgrounds for Interface 2.0 CthulhuTech

When I last posted these Arcane Backgrounds, I envisioned doing one for each of the shape shifting flavors instead of just one for each group. While my original format will work, it would definitely work better for the not-tager versions because there is more information on the playable ones than there is for the non-player character not-dhohanoids. You can see the original post with references to the Corporation that created them here. So here are the revised backgrounds: Continue reading “A Second Pass at Tubbiq Alklmary and Hayalet Arcane Backgrounds for Interface 2.0 CthulhuTech”

An Interface 2.0 Corp blended with CthulhuTech inspiration

This post is inspired by a couple of things, none of which are required to use. The first is the rules on cults that I just finished reading in the Codex Infernus. The second source of inspiration are the Dhohanoids and Tagers from CthulhuTech which I recently started thinking about. These thoughts have been swirling around in my head for the last couple of weeks, and now I finally am at a point where I can put them together. I am going to do this post in Continue reading “An Interface 2.0 Corp blended with CthulhuTech inspiration”

Thoughts on a way to run CthulhuTech in Savage Worlds

Early on I found CthulhuTech and quickly bought up most of the books in it because I found the idea of the setting to be very interesting. After reading the books that I had gotten, I found that the setting did stand up to my expectations. Unfortunately, the rules system didn’t measure up to the setting. To me it seemed like the various ways to get the total from any dice roll, while interesting in a philosophical sense, were not practical for play. Between that Continue reading “Thoughts on a way to run CthulhuTech in Savage Worlds”

HelixTec and the “Bag”

Notes: This mega corp was the one that I made up for the opening scenario for a game that I ran for a group that I had just met. Based on the outcome of that scenario, I new that they were going to be dealing with them again in a more antagonistic fashion. The original intention was that this drone would be used in a setup operation that HelixTec was going to hire the party for. This drone idea came to me while riding in a car down a street. I saw this Continue reading “HelixTec and the “Bag””

Interface Zero 2.0 Intro Scenario


This is a write up for a introduction scenario that I ran for Interface Zero 2.0. I ran this for a group I had just met, and I didn’t have a good idea of what kind of characters they were going to make or what kind of play style they had. Anyway, I thought that this might be useful to someone either as inspiration for a one shot, or as an introductory session to the setting.


A local fixer calls your team with a simple job for you as an audition to prove yourselves before she agrees to use you with her clients. The job is to meet up with a courier team that just came into town and is now caught in a crossfire, and assist them in finishing the delivery of a package to a HelixTec mega corp research facility.

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