Undead Outlaws and Texas Rangers

I am planning to run a Deadlands game using the Reloaded rules and my best guess at what they will be in relation to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules. In preparation for this, I got a number of reaper miniatures for antagonists. This is the first batch that I have painted and now I will start on the second batch. You can get the Male Ranger, Female Ranger, and the gang of Undead Outlaws from Reaper.

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The Cackler

This is The Cackler from the Dead Men Walking set. When I painted Stone, I was not as happy with how he turned out, so I waited for quite some time to paint The Cackler. You can find the set here. This and the other seven miniatures that I started today and will hopefully finish next weekend will be part of what I hope is a Deadlands campaign that I started planing out.

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So I have been sitting on these

I have been sitting on these two miniatures for a while. I painted them first as a off pink color since that was the fiction says they are supposed to be. Unfortunately that did not come out well, and I quickly stripped the paint off of them, and re-did them as a green with a moldy skin. I was unsure about how I felt about them, but they did eventually grew on me, and now here they are. You can find them for sell here.

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Miniature Monday

This is another of the miniatures that I completed recently. You can find it on Reaper’s site here. I used red ink as a base coat to try to get the inscriptions on the pedestal to show with the shadowed stone to cover the rest of the pedestal. That didn’t work out as well as I would have liked, but I am quite happy with the way that the statue on top came out with its layers of Red Ink and Brown Ink. I now wish Reaper had more ink tones than Red, Black, and Brown. Continue reading “Miniature Monday”

Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith

Today, I painted this miniature, it was a bonus one that I got a couple of months ago, and I just got around to working on it. I really liked the sculpt and enjoyed working on it. I tried using black ink for some of the folds as a base coat and then did a watered down weathered stone over than and topped it off with a watered down viper green and finished it off with another wash of black ink. I like how it ultimately came out. You can find the miniature here. Continue reading “Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith”

Hillbilly and two Werecrocodiles

I got these three miniatures because they seemed like they would work well for the Deadlands Noir game that I was running. If I had gotten to use them in the game they would have been Ma, Pa, and Gauthier. Unfortunately by the time they were released from the Bones 3 kickstarter, the game was already over. Continue reading “Hillbilly and two Werecrocodiles”

Pulp Era Professor & Rudd Starslider

So the other day, I finished two other miniatures that I have been working on. One I got because I was running Deadland Noir, the Pulp Era Professor which I finished after that campaign ended. Though I do have the opportunity to make use of him in a game that is considered after our current slate. The other, Rudd Starslider, Space Smuggler was the my intended character for the Savage Star Wars game that was started last night. After character creation, the concept for him changed significantly¬†(he was going to be a plain smuggler, but since everyone else wanted to be pilots and smugglers and we didn’t have a Jedi in the group, he ended up being a Jedi that is somewhat undercover1. Continue reading “Pulp Era Professor & Rudd Starslider”