Mystic Circle and Sacrificial Altar

So I have felt that I needed more setting pieces, so I got the Mystic Circle and Sacrificial Altar to paint. I felt that both pieces went well together. The next set pieces I get will be from the Bones 5 kickstarter where I am getting several scenes. One of the things I found is that these pieces seemed to suck up a lot of paint, so I will probably do something slightly different when I paint those pieces.

Crazy Pete the Prospector

So this last weekend I finished sealing Crazy Pete. I think this is my best set of eyes that I have ever done. So I am going to take that as a huge win on my part and evidence that I must be getting better at this whole miniature painting thing. Anyway here are some pictures.

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Corsairs and Arachno-Assassin

Here are another three miniatures finished, two Blackstar Corsairs and one Arachno-Assassin. The Arachno-Assassin was particularly interesting because it was a metal miniature and I haven’t done many of them recently. I am however pretty happy with how the bone definition came out on it. I also used my airbrush to prime it with watered down reaper white primer which seems to have worked pretty well. It will be interesting to see how that holds up.

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Female Texas Ranger And Ellen Stone with Green Stuff

So this weekend I finished another two miniatures and prepared my last four miniatures for painting. Now that I am looking at the two I sealed, I need to look and see if I accidentally got a gloss sealer because they are shinny-er than I was expected. I also use some green stuff that I had gotten a while back but never had a need for. Some of the Green Stuff was used as a rock on the Ranger’s base, but most of what I used was to fill in the shirt on the Ellen Stone sculpt which just bothered me. I think both of uses came out well, but I think I the shirt could have used more work.

More Nova Corp, Setting pieces and monsters

So today I finished some more western and deadlands miniatures, some Iron Golems, setting pieces, more Nova Crop miniatures and Gutrags, and a Dark Young. A lot of these were easy to paint and or ones that I have done before. I have four more miniatures to start from my last order and two to finish.

First Miniatures of 2020

So I started off 2020 with painting some sci-fi miniatures because I have been intrigued by the Interface Zero 3.0 and Deadlands Lost Colony setting and I thought that these might be useful for some generic corporate goons or military goons that could be used as opponents in any game that I ran. I did a quick base coat for them with the airbrush in a blue gray, then used a light blue from reaper to due a heavy wash on them. Black for the boots, backpack and guns, brilliant red for the visors and then an indigo shadow wash for everything. I like how they came out for such a quick paint. Now it is time to get more miniatures to work on.

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Last miniatures of 2019

So I finished eight of the twenty miniatures that I ordered in December which is pretty good since I placed that order mid month. Over the next several days I will finish the other twelve all of which are various Nova Corp riflemen, guards, soldiers, and females. Most of this order was modern or sci-fi miniatures because I wanted to start building up a base for use with Deadlands Noir or Deadlands Lost Colony both of which have me inspired. That and I finished painting a bunch of Fantasy miniatures from the Bones 4 kickstarter and so I wanted to try something different. This set includes my second Occult Detective, and I will probably get more of each of these in the future. Anyway on to the pictures.

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