The Yellow King RPG

I have been reading The Yellow King RPG preview that is currently being kickstarted here. It uses the GUMSHOE1 system as its task resolution engine, and because of that I decided to back it. I have long been interested in getting a game that uses the GUMSHOE system because I wanted to see how it handled investigations seeing as how that was what the system was designed from the ground up to do. So far I have read two of the four previewed books and started the third, and I want to get some thoughts down on the game as I see it now as well as on the system as I understand it based on what I have read. Continue reading “The Yellow King RPG”


7th Sea Second Edition Impressions

So I just finished reading the new 7th Sea Second Edition backer preview and I thought I would write down my impressions. The first thing that comes to mind is that I an very happy with the changes that where done to the main continent that the game takes place on. A month or so ago, I read both the GM’s Guide and the Player’s Guide for first edition, and I remember not being terribly inspired by any of the nations. I mean I still thought they were well Continue reading “7th Sea Second Edition Impressions”

Weird War I’s narrative missions

The Weird War I kickstarter has moved into the final three days, and so I thought I would take some time to go over the Narrative Missions System preview that was released a few days ago. After reading it, I remembered that there is a section in the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules I remembered there was a section on Interludes, so since I have never used those rules, I went back a re-read them as well just to see what the differences are. The first difference I saw is that the Narrative Missions System involves everyone, so in that case, I like it better than the Interlude that only Continue reading “Weird War I’s narrative missions”

7th Sea Second Edition Revised Quick Start Rules

I have finally had a chance to read the newly revised quick start rules for the 7th Sea Second Edition that is on kickstarter now. This is a followup on the previous pair of posts that I did on the rules (part 1, part 2), and related to the Sorte rules and the post on odds, even though I have not re-done the tests to see what the differences are. And while there are some editing gaffes in the update where the risk deals eight wounds, but then they talk about two wounds afterwards and the character sheets are not updated to reflect the new rules, I like this version a lot more Continue reading “7th Sea Second Edition Revised Quick Start Rules”

The way I understand what a raise means in the new 7th Sea

People seem to be viewing what spending the one raise to accomplish the intent of the risk as something far greater than what I see it as. In the comments on the kickstarter, I have seen lots of complaints that you never fail any task which while for the most part true (it is going to be very rare for anyone to get zero raises on a roll of any size), I find misleading because they seem to be viewing this as if this was a success in a D20 system game where as long as you succeed, you don’t have to suffer any repercussions. I would argue that this is not the right way to view it, but rather Continue reading “The way I understand what a raise means in the new 7th Sea”

7th Sea Sorte Deck Preview

I have been thinking of about the two page Sorte Deck preview rules that were released here, and while I don’t like using cards as a randomizer, there are some good bits in these rules.

I definitely would not use them as the primary randomizer, but I do like the idea of using the Major Arcana to set the special rules for a scene. There are two reasons I would not use the cards to generate the raises in the risk resolution. The first is that it will by the time you finish dealing the cards alter the probabilities too much and depending on how you deal them out it will either Continue reading “7th Sea Sorte Deck Preview”

7th Sea dice roll odds

Over the last week there has been a lengthy discussion on the 7th Sea: Second Edition kickstarter comments about the odds of getting at least one raise according to the quick start rules, and thereby succeeding at any task. Since that discussion, it was announced that there was a review of those rules and sometime this next week we would see an update of those rules. This weekend, while waiting on those rules, I hashed out a simple program that would approximate the dice rolling mechanic according to the rules as written, and calculate the odds of various numbers of
Continue reading “7th Sea dice roll odds”