Impressions of the Thrilling Tales Adventures

This review is based on of two books, the first is the Terror in Tinseltown adventure, and the second is the Thrilling Tales Adventure Omnibus. I am grouping these books into one review in part because the Terror in Tinseltown book just contained that adventure and was only about thirty pages long.

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Impressions from my latest read through of Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

So after finishing the Science Fiction Companion and The Last Parsec, I decided to go ahead and re-read the Super Powers Companion. Again I was struck by the basic concept that this book is not just for super hero games but any high power setting.

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Impressions from The Last Parsec Core

I got this book as part of the Un-Stretch Goals for the Fear Agents and The Goon kickstarters, and it has been on my list to read just as soon as I finished the Science Fiction Companion which I did the other day. It was a bit odd to see a Savage Worlds book that required a book other than the core rules, but this one does require the Science Fiction Companion. In some ways the book reads like an implementation example of the options in the Science Fiction Companion rather than a fully fleshed out setting, but the line has three other setting books so maybe if I end up getting those and reading them as well, it will feel more complete. Anyway here are my thoughts on the core book. Continue reading “Impressions from The Last Parsec Core”

Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

So I have been working my way through this book lately and wanted to get some of my thoughts down on it. Overall, I thought it was a really good set of basic rules for a Science Fiction game, with one notable exception that I will come back to later. Continue reading “Impressions of the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion”

Impressions of Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon

So today I finished reading Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon. It was a book that has been on my to buy list for quite a while. It wasn’t what I expected based on the title, but still an interesting book and it did expose me to a a number of stories that I haven’t read set in Lankhmar. Continue reading “Impressions of Lankhmar Savage Foes of Newhon”

Impressions from The New World for Seventh Sea Second Edition

This post is based on my reading of the new Seventh Sea Second Edition setting book The New World. As of the time that I read and finished this book, it was only available as a preview, but it will probably be available in PDF form in the next couple of weeks and hardback sometime in the next month or two. Because I am writing this based on the preview, I didn’t see all of the art, there were some rather extreme mislabeled sections Continue reading “Impressions from The New World for Seventh Sea Second Edition”

Impressions of Blades in the Dark

So today I just finished reading Blades in the Dark and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down about the game and the setting. The first thing that should be mentioned is this game is heavily influenced/inspired by games that are Powered by the Apocalypse. You can get the game from Evil Hat Productions. Continue reading “Impressions of Blades in the Dark”