Impressions of Blades in the Dark

So today I just finished reading Blades in the Dark and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down about the game and the setting. The first thing that should be mentioned is this game is heavily influenced/inspired by games that are Powered by the Apocalypse. You can get the game from Evil Hat Productions. Continue reading “Impressions of Blades in the Dark”


Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit

So I just finished reading the Fate Adversary Toolkit and wanted to get my thoughts down. One of the things that I have always liked about Fate Core is the fact that it was easy to lift the ideas presented in it and incorporate them in other games such as the Savage Worlds that is my normal system of choice. Continue reading “Impressions of Fate Adversary Toolkit”

Impressions of the Crescent Empire

So I just finished reading this book. It took me longer than I would have have liked due to life interfering. Overall I liked the setting described in the book quite a bit. I have had some interest in the real world region for a while, and so some of the things covered in the book felt a little off, Continue reading “Impressions of the Crescent Empire”

Impressions of Obsidian Portal

Since we are using the Obsidian Portal site for the Savage Potter game that I am playing in, and since it took me far longer than I would have liked to add the first three session journals on the site after I had already added them to my blog, Continue reading “Impressions of Obsidian Portal”

Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol. 2

So this book finally made it to the top of my reading queue, and I just finished it. there are a lot in this book that I really enjoyed. Once I got started reading it, I kept thinking that is a cool idea, I should find some way to use it over and over again. Continue reading “Impressions of Nations of Theah Vol. 2”

Impressions of the Fear Agents RPG

This game was different from what I was expecting. In some ways I was expecting more of a Starwars style game and what I found was more of a cross between the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Aliens, and Office Space. Not that this is bad, just not exactly what I was expecting. Continue reading “Impressions of the Fear Agents RPG”

Impressions of The Goon RPG

So the other day I finished reading the new Goon RPG. I started out excited for it, then I started to get concerned as I was reading it, and I ended up at happy that I backed it. One of the things that I was not happy about was the words that were marked out throughout the book. Continue reading “Impressions of The Goon RPG”