Cthulhu Dark ideas for Savage Worlds Horror

Cthulhu Dark is a new Lovecraftian horror game raising funding on kickstarter now. From the information that I have seen, it looks very interesting, and is inspiring for horror games in Savage Worlds. You can find the kickstarter Continue reading “Cthulhu Dark ideas for Savage Worlds Horror”


Impressions from my latest read through of Rippers Game Masters Guide

So these are my impressions from re-reading the Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Guide. The setting was one that I had heard about after it went out of print, and I was very glad to be a backer for the kickstarter. This book is a return to the Rippers setting after the events of plot point campaign in the original Rippers book. Continue reading “Impressions from my latest read through of Rippers Game Masters Guide”

Impressions from my latest read through of Rippers Player’s Guide

I realized after re-reading East Texas University that I hadn’t written up my thoughts on the Rippers Resurrected Player’s Guide that is also going out as part of the Un-Stretch Goal for the Fear Agents and The Goon kickstarters. Continue reading “Impressions from my latest read through of Rippers Player’s Guide”

Crawling One

This creature is loosely based of the Call of Cthulhu creature of the same name. It is appropriate for any horror or fantasy horror settings such as Deadlands, Lankhmar, Rippers, or Weird Wars (Rome, One, Two, Tour of Darkness).

Crawling One

Sometimes when a powerful wizard dies, their body is consumed by the worms, maggots, and other crawling things Continue reading “Crawling One”

The Book of Worms

This is an idea that was inspired from the short story De Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae in the collection She Walks in Shadows. I keep thinking of settings that this could be used in. My first thought was in a Deadlands game, and then while reading the Lankhmar books I realized it could be used there. Finally while sitting down to start writing this I realized that it could also be used in an East Texas University game or with minor changes even in a 50 Fathoms game1. The basic idea is that this old cursed book will transform whoever owns it into a monstrous worm like creature slowly over time. So without further ado here is the Book of Worms.
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More Sixth Gun Minis and some Rippers Minis

Today I worked on finishing up all but the last one of the Sixth Gun miniatures (I need to get a base for the last one first) and started working on some of the Ripper’s Resurrected miniatures that I have. I am still working on how to get faces to show their detail the best with my flesh tone paints. I also found working on General Hume to be painful (too many hard to paint details with all of the chains). Though to be fair I was actually very happy with how the picture of Hume turned out after it was all done. Continue reading “More Sixth Gun Minis and some Rippers Minis”

Tracking Cults, Secret Societies, and other Mysteries’ goals

I have a weakness for any setting that contains one or more of the following, cults, secret societies, or pervasive mysteries. This is why I like so many of the Savage Worlds settings. Most have some combination of the above items. Be it in Deadlands with its Pinkertons, Texas Rangers and Twilight Legion and their struggles against the “Reckoners”, Rippers with the Cabal, or the Weird War series with its Twilight Legion.

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