Session 4 Coffin Rock

Morning comes, and Guadalupe and Tomoe meet up with Shelly Pearl and ride back out to the Cooked Earth Mine. This time the trip is uneventful and they arive at the gash in the earth that is the entrance to the Cooked Earth Mine. From inside the mine they all notice a strange red glow and Shelly Pearl heard strange whispers comming from deeper in the mine while Guadalupe thought those whispers were pleas for help. They cautiously entered the mine until they reach a large wooden elevator platform with a crank to lower the platform down the shaft.

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Session 3 Coffin Rock

We started this session the morning after the party. Into to town rides a stranger, he ties his horse up outside the Crystal River hotel and walks over to the church where he greats the man standing outside the door, Deacon Plume welcomes him to the church and ushers him in.

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Session 2 Coffin Rock

Morning roles around after returning Lizzie’s suitcase, and Guadalupe wakes up at the Crystal River Hotel, she looks for Virgil, but he doesn’t answer the knock at his door, so she heads down to get some breakfast and runs across Tomoe, after asking where Tomoe was last night, and getting the answer that she must have been asleep, and that sometimes she sleeps very hard, Guadalupe catchers her up on what happened with retrieving Lizzie’s suitcase and Virgil getting kicked out of the Jewel Theater. While talking and having breakfast, they each catch sight of their reflections in objects, and notice they look decades older to themselves, with wrinkled and lined faces, but when they reach up to touch their faces, they feel normal. They also realize that it is just their own face that appears distorted, not the others face when they look at it. Tomoe touches the mirror, in curiosity, but it is just a normal dirty mirror.

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Session 1 Coffin Rock

Virgil activated his animal tamer and used it to control a swarm of flies sending them into the church. He also tuned it to push what the flies sensed into his own mind so he could find out what they discovered.

Meanwhile, Guadalupe sat out on the front porch to watch what was going on at the church across the street. She noticed a swarm of flies heading over to the church, but only a handful of people entering the church, while one person stood by the door.

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Session 0 Coffin Rock

Our characters

Virgil the Pearl is going to Wyoming territory to get away from the company he left and is running from their enforcers. He is a follower of the New (Mad) Science and is always testing his strange devices as he travels. Unfortunately for him, he talks to much which will make it hard for him to hide out anywhere, but he plans to try his luck in the new territory.

Tomoe Gozen is a quite asian woman who drinks heavily. She is nervous around Virgil’s technology and meditates in the mornings. Her English is heavily accented and she shifts to Japanese when she is excited. When she doesn’t smell of alcohol, she smells of decay.

Guadalupe is very quite trying to draw no attention to herself. She is of average height and build with brown eyes and long brown hair in a braid down her back. She prays every morning.

We also spent some time working on a huckster, but he the player had to leave to attend a work call. He will join up with the posse on the next session after we have finished up that character.

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