Savage Potter Session 14 & 15

It is now this strange holiday in the US called Thanksgiving. Apparently everyone goes home and celebrates by eating tons of food. Needless to say those of us who came over from Hogwarts a month ago don’t see the point in this, but it does give us some out of class time so I can finish up my work on Dominic’s potion. All of this is a good thing because now that I have figured out how to make a cure, and gathered the ingredients, I don’t want to let it out of my sight. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 14 & 15”


Savage Potter Session 13

After the conversation with Pajo, we convince Chloe to go with us to talk with Dominic now that Pajo knows she is here. When Lilith finally tracks him down there is a lot of tension between them. Dominic is upset that Chloe left where ever she was being protected at.

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Savage Potter Session 12

During dinner, I notice Dominic working on something with scrolls and notes spread out over a table some with his notes and some that he is using for research. Curious, I head over to look at his work, as I study it, he tells me that he is trying to figure out the curse that was used on him, but each of his attempts to recreate it works differently from the previous one. I point out that if he wants the spell to work, he has to mean it, not just go through the motions. I give him some encouragement and reassure him that we are working on a cure.

After spending time working on Dominic’s issue, I come to the realization that I need the help of someone who has more access to the “Dark Arts” than is available in this cotton candy version of a school. I head back to my room and go through my old notes looking for one of my Durmstrang professors who might be able and willing to help me with the research. I eventually settle on Professor Lazlo as the mostly likely to be of assistance and I proceed to write him a letter detailing what I know, and suspect and asking for any references or information that will help me solve the riddle of Dominic’s curse. After finishing the letter, I head to the owl’s roost and send it off with a sturdy looking owl.

The next morning, I sit close enough to Pajo that I can hear his boasts. He includes me in his entourage and talks grandly about his part in the battle at Hogwarts. His details match up with what I experienced, but since I wasn’t a participant in any of the fights further back in the castle, I can’t verify the accuracy of his statements.

Dominic however gets more and more upset at Pajo, and eventually gets up from the table he is at and tackles Pajo attempting to beat him up. I laugh at this while the others rapidly try to stop the fight, flailing around. Eventually I drop a stink bomb to break it up and the combatants separate with some of the observers getting violently sick in the process. About this time the teachers arrive and drag Pajo and Dominic to the Head Mistress’s office for a chewing out.

I head over to Dominic’s room to wait for him to get back. Once he gets back, we talk, he spends a lot of time being bitter about what has happened to him, and I give him another dose of the medicinal potion to keep the worst effects of the curse at bay. I then proceed to ask him some indirect questions about what happened when he was cursed.

Where you alone? No
Was someone else with you? No
Is Pajo Pajo? Yes
Did you drink anything when it happed? No
Did you eat anything when it happened? No
Did you inhale anything when it happened? No
Do you remember the incantation for the spell? Yes
Did you see the wand movements? No, I was surprised by the curse.
Where you the only one surprised by the curse? Yes

I asked the question about Pajo, because I have a pet theory that someone is pretending to be Pajo, but that seems unlikely at this point. I also wanted to narrow down that it was a pure spell that did this to him. Finally, I didn’t ask for details about the incantation for the spell, because he was clearly struggling against the curse to get that much information out. At a later date, I will probably revisit that question however.

After this I tell him we have made some good progress, and we will continue to do so. I then suggest that he go get some rest because he is clearly worn out. After he enters his room, Moira opens the door and pulls me into the room with Cassiopeia and Chloe. I tell them what I found out and I am told that Cassiopea is trying to get close to Pajo to get the inside scoop that way. When she tells us about the flower she was given, I ask if she still has it and I am told that she threw it away.

We go to look for it, but it has disappeared from the trash, so any opportunity it might have provided has been lost. After that we head to a potions class where I start work on a couple of potions to replace those that I have used. Where we end up in one with Professor Longbottom.

After he secures the room, he gives us a warning about what we are doing investigating the curse and such. He also wants us to be careful who we tell information to especially since Lilith is so free with what she knows. I roll my eyes at this and continue to work. Though I do give him some information about the things that I have uncovered and am working on. He seems shocked by some of my findings. After delivering the warning he leaves and the others start plotting how to set up a real “Defense Against the Dark Arts” class instead of the history nonsense that is on the official curriculum.

Eventually, the girls go off to search for a safe place to practice these magics while I continue to work on my potions.

The next morning during breakfast, Chloe in her horrible hooded disguise comes down to the lunch room, and is spotted by Pajo who approaches. He greets several people at our table and then says hi to Chloe saying it is good that she showed up, that she was supposed to be here, and that because she is, Dominic might not die. Which gets me to wondering if the cure to the curse might have something to do with Chloe.

Savage Potter Session 11

November has been a bad month for me and gaming. I have had a lot of conflicts that crept in so, I am not entirely sure that this is the right session number. Hopefully the outside interference will calm down, and I can get back to regular playing with the transition to December. This also means that I am a little fuzzy on what went on during the sessions that I missed.

I have spent the last week or so working on gathering various new potions recipes and isolating any differences between the recipe that I might have and those that this school seems to prefer.

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Savage Potter Session 9

When we resume the game, we find out it is a Friday evening. After spending dinner making numerous observations about how the school is run, who has transferred from Hogwarts and who is missing, Lilith includes Lucy and I with the rest of the group that is going on the ferry to the town for ice cream before curfew. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 9”

Savage Potter Session 6-8

Session six was just a continuation of the fight that began in Session 5, so I didn’t write anything up specifically about it. I missed session 7 due to a conflict and this session started at the conclusion of the fight that had been going on for the last couple of sessions.

The battle with the dark wizards was tense, and I am glad that I had prepared a stock of potions in advance for just such a contingency. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 6-8”

Savage Potter Session 5

I missed at least one session, I believe the second session was canceled that I was expecting to miss. So there was some catch up as to what had happened since I was last available to play. Anyway here is what happened according to my character.

School has been busy and while I have spent extra time since I started hanging out with Moria, Trent, Lilith, Gustoff and Brunhilde preparing for the trouble that they invariably get me caught up in. Continue reading “Savage Potter Session 5”